PGT Windows Prices

Explore PGT Windows prices, reviews on specific products and models, warranty and rating information as well. PGT windows is a regional manufacturer located in Florida and typically has distributors along the gulf states, as well as the coastal south. They produce a number of different window lines, including vinyl and aluminum frame options that generally are well received by contractors and installers. The company is perhaps best known for their impact windows. In fact, PGT impact windows are considered some of the best in the business.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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PGT 5500 Window Cost

The PGT 5500 single hung is a well made, well constructed single hung hurricane impact window that many consumers will find a good buy. In fact, the model is one of our selections for the best impact windows on the market. The PGT 5500 series should run somewhere $55 to $65 per square foot for the window itself.

PGT Impact Windows Price List

Hi John, I appreciate the work you are doing to review PGT impact windows. This is the second year I am trying to make a decision and sign a contract. I am unable to make a decision because I read so many horrible complaints about the companies and/or products I am looking at.

Last year I tried to get quotes on some of the products you had written reviews on and could not find a company that was selling those. It seems some companies are making their own windows which I have no way to verify what I am actually getting. It sounds like some of these windows are perhaps being made by PGT or CWS like a private label or something so I can't compare.

I recently got an estimate from Home Depot for the Protecsure max vinyl 5500 impact windows from PGT which I believe is what you have reviewed. The quote is almost $18,000 for 10 windows. The Home Depot rep tells me that PGT pays special attention to the windows they provide HD because they do so much business and they have few if any problems with these and that they are the best. He admits they use 1099 contractors and that I will be happy with install. When I read the reviews for PGT I freeze. Why would a purchase from a company with so many complaints?

He also offered me a special deal on PGT Protecsure Pro Aluminum Impact windows 4100 for almost $15,000. He says I can have either window choice installed in 2 months although the estimate doesn't say that. He says HD get priority service.

I have several estimates from smaller local businesses in the 11,000-12,000 range which have fairly good BBB reviews but I don't actually know what I would be getting. Sunset View offered what they represent as the PGT Winguard 5000 for $12,000 but the contract does not say PGT or Winguard. It merely references SH5500 and HR5510 and gives lots of details about the window.

One company sells double hung for same prices as single hung. How do I get through this process with confidence that I will get good windows installed properly without months or years of hassles?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Jeremy - Homeowner - August, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Jeremy, PGT has been having some supply chain issues as of late. Their impacts are generally well regarded. I actually didn't realize they were selling out of HD. I would pay particular attention to the subcontractor who is doing the install. That's where most of the problems come into play. I think going with a reputable dealer means you are getting a quality series though, whether that is PGT or someone else. I'll go ahead and send you my list of the best impacts on the market -- it does include some PGT models. Hurricane Impact Windows Cost Calculator

Editor John - August, 2022