Vytex Windows Cost

Vytex Windows are definitely not a household name, but the company does offer some nice overall value to consumers. In terms of aesthetics, Vytex series are nothing remarkable, although their Fortis (mid range model) and Potomac-hp (premium model) offer clean sightlines and quality features. Comparing vinyl windows is difficult, so I like to look at performance numbers, which seems to me to be the most objective way to judge what you are getting (companies can manipulate these so consumers should always be vigilant). Number wise, the company gets some pretty impressive performance data; .05 air infiltration on the Fortis, .29 U-value on their Georgetown (economy model), and design pressure or DP55 on their Potomac-hp.

The real disadvantage here is going to be availability. The company is headquartered in Laurel, Maryland and should be available in the state and in several of the surrounding states as well. Beyond this, the company does not have much in the way of distribution.

However, in terms of overall construction, durability, and performance, I really like this company and their line of products. If I were buying Vytex, I would go with the Fortis model, which offers the best overall value, unless the window seller is offering a similar price on the Potomac-hp series (then go for this upgrade). In terms of overall value in the field of vinyl windows, I would place Vytex towards the top. They offer superior numbers and construction to Simonton vinyl windows and should run only 10% to 20% more than this well known manufacturer - in some cases the Vytex will be priced out lower, jump on these deals.

Are Vytex Windows Any Good? I give Vytex Windows a 4.0 out of 5 star rating based on 10 Vytex Windows reviews posted on this page, as well as the window series pages that are linked just below.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2024

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Vytex Windows Cost

Prices are certainly going to depend on the series you choose as you can see below -- anywhere from $600 to $1000 fully installed. Initial customer bids can definitely exceed this per window price because companies are not required to bid out projects at the fair market price. This is why we always suggest collecting three to four quality window bids. I would compare their prices to Polaris windows costs and Champion windows prices.

Vytex Grandview Cost - $600 to $750 fully installed

Vytex Georgetown Cost - $650 to $800 fully installed

Vytex Fortis Series Cost - $700 to $950 fully installed

Vytex Potomac Windows Cost - $700 to $1000 fully installed

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Vytex Windows Ratings

In terms of ratings, Vytex offers two basic packages, which includes their standard Energy Saver Plus or their upgraded Energy Saver Max. The Energy Saver Plus is a double paned low-e glass with argon fills, where the Energy Saver Max is a triple pane low-e glass with either argon or krypton fills. We list the standard numbers here, but visit the individual window model pages for more performance data. Triple Pane Windows Cost

Georgetown Series Ratings: U-value .29, AI .09, DP45
Fortis Series Ratings: U-value .26, AI .05, DP50
Potomac-HP Series Ratings: U-value .25, AI .05, DP55

Vytex Windows Warranty

The warranty is a limited lifetime warranty that covers the mainframe, hardware and all standard components. It does include a glass glass breakage provision, which is a nice feature to have. We were not able to discern whether is is transferrable or not - we will update this page when we get this information.

The warranty does not however cover labor costs to remove any defective window, nor does it cover the replacement labor cost. Overall, this warranty is pretty standard for the industry. Please note: warranties are always changing so please read the warranty terms and exclusions for your particular brand and series prior to purchase.

Vytex Windows Reviews

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Vytex Windows Problems

Hi John, I live in a condo and need my windows replaced. I need your opinion. I have an estimate for Vytex Potomac hp vinyl windows. I’m considering the double pane. My estimate is 16,000 for 10 double hungs and a slider with transom.

Do you feel this is a good window and price? I live in northern NJ. I had heard about Vytex Windows problems - is this a valid concern?

Thank you.

Thelma - Homeowner - October, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Soooo...the Vytex Potomac windows cost bid you received is not bad. But you can probably do better. It's a very good window to answer your question. I would collect three more bids and then take the four and compare them side by side. This is going to be the best way for your to maximize your long term investment -- and to see whether that Vytex bid is fair or overpriced... I haven't heard of Vytex Windows problems per se. I think there are two points here: one is to go with one of their premium series, which you have. The second point is to do your due diligence on the installation company or dealer who is going to do the actual install. They should have very good to stellar reviews. If they don't, keep looking. Improperly installed windows were half of my business back in the day.

Editor John - October, 2022

Vytex Windows Cost On The Fortis

Hi Tim, I have two very similar quotes for a job on a row home in Baltimore. One is for the Fortis series, the other is for Simonton 6500 series. Which would you say is better overall?

Also if you were to compare the Simonton Sound and Security windows vs the Fortis with Vyguard laminate what would you say is the overall difference, or which would you prefer?

Thanks for your help.

Alex - Homeowner - March, 2021

Website Editor's Answer

Alex, the Fortis is the better window over the Simonton 6500. By quite a bit I would say. I'm not actually familiar with the specifics of the Simonton Sound and Security option. I would think the Fortis with the laminate glass would be an excellent option for sound attenuation. This is a very nice option and, assuming you'll be getting quality installation, this should be a great addition to your home.

Editor Jim R. - March, 2021

Vytex Potomac-hp Price Bid vs. Okna 600

I've received three bids. The Okna 600 and Potomac-HP had similar bid prices. The Sunrise Restorations bid were about 30% higher. The complicating factor is that I have numerous neighbors that have had very good experience with the local contractor/home remodeler that installed the Vytexes, whereas there is no such neighborhood experience with the Okna installations. That's a relevant datapoint, since I know that the installation is just as important as the quality of the window. With that being said, would you suggest the Potomac series.

Thanks again.

Carol - Homeowner - March, 2021

Website Editor's Answer

Carol, yes, I would go with an installer who has a track record that I could measure in some appreciable way. The Potomac-HP is excellent, so if I knew I had a great product and a great installer, I would breathe easy myself. Since the installation is half the battle I think the Vytex is the way to go.

Editor Jim R. - March, 2021

Vytex Windows Cost

I just purchased a house that desperately needs new windows...what I have now are steel single panes with cracks. The previous owners replaced 8 windiws in 3 openings... Living Room has 3 large pictures with 3 awnings below, picture Window in Foyer and a small Casement in ½ bath.. The realtor asked the previous owners and they are Polaris, I called the company that installed them and found they are Ultrawelds.

I've gotten several quotes over the last week for 12 openings and 4 in the basement that need replaced

I threw out the bids for Pella Encompass and Pella 250 – they were over $12,000 and $14,000 for 12 sliders.

I had another quote for Unishield plus 3 casements 9 sliders and 4 basemnent awnings... he started with a $20,800 bid that went to $18,000

I am deciding between the Okna 600 window or the Fortis.

Okna 600 – 12 sliders with grids, 1 with privacy glass for Master Bath – the company does glass block so 1 have 4 glass blocks with vents and 12 sliders for $10,147

Seems like just the 12 sliders come to about $9,000

Fortis – 12 sliders with grids, privacy glass for Master Bath $7,475

I'm waiting on a quote from the company that installed the Ultrawelds... should I go for the Vytex's, Okna's or simply wait?

Ming - Homeowner - January, 2021

Website Editor's Answer

Ming, the Okna 600, Fortis, and Polaris Ultraweld are all excellent vinyl windows. Based on the price bids (Ultraweld excluded), the Okna and Vytex options look the most attractive to me. The big question is whether the Okna is worth the extra $2500. My own opinion is yes, if you are planning to be in this home for a long time. If you're not planning to be in this house for, let's say 10 years or more, then I would go with the Fortis, which is an excellent series. It's just not as good as the Okna 600.

I would definitely wait for the Polaris Ultraweld bid to come in, especially if you aren't replacing every single window. Obviously the Polaris brand will better match any openings that you don't need to replace. Plus, if it's close to that Fortis bid, I would say this is the better option over the Fortis. My list of best to least best is the Okna, the Polaris, the Fortis.

Editor Jim R. - January, 2021