Vytex Potomac-hp Windows Reviews

The Vytex Potomac-hp window (HP stands for high performance by the way) is the high end or premium vinyl series that is quite impressive in its performance numbers and should provide some nice overall value for the consumer. Standard features include a constant force balance system, integral interlocks, foam insulation, triple weatherstripping, a full 1" sealed IG unit, and integrated sash lock, composite sack reinforcement, and a magnetic seal for draft elimination.

Just as with the Vytex Fortis window, the Potomac HP comes in 26 exterior colors, as well as two interior colors and an optional woodgrain laminate interior as well. The Potomac HP is one of our selections for a best vinyl window and often without a premium price. It should offer the consumers excellent value, similar to their Fortis model. The Potomac-HP does offer several nice standard upgrades that will provide the hp with a little better overall construction and durability than the Fortis.

Review By Jim R. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Vytex Potomac-hp Prices

Vytex Potomac-hp replacement window costs will run approximately $600 to $900 fully installed. Factors that affect costs include size, installation type, upgrades, and the company doing the actual install. Comparably priced windows will include Eco Smart windows prices and Polaris UltraWeld windows costs.

-- Window Itself: $450 to $650 --

-- Standard Installation: $150 to $250 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $600 to $900 --

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Vytex Potomac-hp Windows Ratings

Consumers can expect the Potomac-HP series double hung in the Energy Saver Plus package, which is a dual glazed low E glass with argon fills, to deliver a .26 U-value, a .20 SHGC, .05 air infiltration and .47 VT. The series will be Energy Star Compliant in all four regions.

Consumers can expect an upgrade to the Energy Saver Max package, which is a triple glazed glass with argon or krypton fills, to deliver a U factor of .19, and SHGC of .17 and a VT of .34. This energy package will also be Energy Star Compliant in all four regions. The Potomac-hp model comes standard with a design pressure 55 rating, quite impressive. All in all, the Potomac-hp delivers good numbers and ratings for a premium vinyl series.

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Vytex Potomac-hp Warranty

The Vytex Potomac-hp comes with the same limited lifetime warranty as the Vytex Georgetown and Fortis model. The warranty covers the mainframe, hardware and all standard components. The Potomac-hp warranty does include a glass glass breakage provision, which is a nice feature to have.

This warranty does not however cover any labor costs involved with removing the defective window, or replacing the unit. This is pretty typical for most vinyl warranties. The Vytex windows warranty is, all in all, pretty standard for the industry.

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Vytex Potomac-hp Reviews

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Vytex Windows Prices

Hi John, got some bids thanks to your site from a lot of the major manufacturers you talk about on your site.

I am doing 5 double hungs 33x88, 4 30x48s, 37x53 with a half round above and then a 29x17 awning for a total of 12 windows.

Pretty much all of these have at least the bottom tempered and the quotes varied between both tempered and only half.

Okna 800 Series - 13.2k

ProVia Endure Windows Cost - 11.8k

Vytex Potomac HP - 13.8k

Threw out the other 2 quotes from the national guys.

Thoughts? Located in Maryland.

ProVia Endure Windows reviews

Ed - Homeowner - August, 2022

Website Editor's Answer

Ed, those are three excellent brands and series. I probably wouldn't pick one over the other based on the cost -- although I would rank them as such: Okna 800, Potomac-HP, ProVia Endure. I would probably make the decision based on the reviews/ratings of the company doing the install. Search up "[company name] reviews" and aggregate their ratings from Google, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Angi, etc. That should give you a pretty clear picture of the quality you can expect. The windows are 50% of the equation and the company doing the work is the other 50%.

Any of these windows will be great when coupled with quality, professional installation.

Editor Jim R. - July, 2022

Vytex Windows vs Okna

We're replacing 5 windows and getting estimates from various installers. So far, its coming down to the Potomac-HP and the Okna 500. The others, we are not considering. All are reputable installers. We intend to stay in our house a while and looking for live-in and resale value. Wondered what you thought of the price/value of these two.

Vytex Potomac-HP Cost - $3,475

Okna 500 Cost - $3,804

Richard - Homeowner - June, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Richard, both great options, two of the very best. Prices are decent, definitely in the ballpark of what I would expect. The Vytex Potomac-hp is the better deal here. If I were staying in the house long term, my decision here would come down to the company doing the install. They are going to make the bigger difference than choosing between two great windows.

Editor Jon M. - June, 2020

Richard's Answer

Thank you so much for responding Jon. We certainly appreciate it. Both Installers have great reviews on Google and Angies List. One (Okna Windows) is larger than the other and seems older in terms of experience. The smaller company (Potomac) is closer to our house and also has great reviews. The smaller company also included damaged wood and sill replacement in the cost. The Okna looked really beautiful with the decorative crown molding on the exterior part. That's why I leaned towards it until getting the Potomac Estimate.

Richard - Homeowner - June, 2020

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