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Explore ViWinTech windows on their replacement and new construction options from the Kentucky based manufacturer. Who makes ViWinTech Windows? Back in the 1980s, Peter Brown and his family began to make and distribute vinyl construction products, including windows and doors. In 1998, ViWinTech Windows & Doors became a company.

The company sells replacement and new construction windows, along with their impact window series called the Shoreline Coastal Series. ViWinTech replacement windows come in the 1000, 2000 and 6000 Series, as well as in casements, awnings, garden, bays, bows, and a host of specialty shapes. ViWinTech New Construction windows come in the 1150 and 2100 Series, as well as in casements, awnings, garden, bays, bows, and a host of specialty shapes.

Are ViWinTech Windows any good? On the whole, the company makes a quality product in the premium series. I also like the Shoreline Coastal Series as a cost effective coastal option. Check out our impact windows cost calculator for more pricing information.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2024

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ViWinTech Windows Cost

1000 Replacement Series Price: $450 to $650 fully installed

2000 Replacement Series Cost: $450 to $750 fully installed

6000 Replacement Series Price: $550 to $850 fully installed

1150 New Construction Series Cost: $500 to $750 fully installed

2100 New Construction Series Price: $600 to $850 fully installed

ViWinTech Shoreline Series Cost: $1100 to $1600 fully installed

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ViWinTech Windows Warranty

The company offs a limited lifetime warranty on all of their vinyl components, hardware, and the screen frame. The 6000 series includes a glass breakage provision, while all other series have this as an upgrade option.

The warranty applies only to the original homeowner. It is non transferable to subsequent homeowners. All in all, the ViWinTech window warranty is not all that great in my opinion.

ViWinTech Windows Reviews

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