Jeld Wen w 4500 Windows Reviews

The Jeld Wen W4500 wood window is a decent window, not very strong on the performance side, but impressive from a customization standard. The W4500 is made from an AuraLast wood that will not rot like other wood species can. AuraLast is a proprietary wood protection process that is water based, as opposed to a chemical dip process that many other manufacturers use. The AuraLast penetrates the entire depth of the wood to protect it from rot and decay.

The W4500 is fully customizable, which is obviously a nice feature for homeowners, who can choose from any number of sizes, shapes, grill designs, as well as a number of glass options. The w4500 comes in a low-e, textured, tinted, decorative, caming or protective glass options. The W 4500 wood window is available in either a new construction or has a replacement window and can be ordered as an awning, bay, bow or as a casement window.

Consumers can choose from a pine exterior and an interior Pine, Alder or Douglas Fir. The W4500 windows are available in 21 exterior color selections, 7 anodized exterior colors, and 10 interior wood finishes. The window can be ordered with the exterior wood or with an aluminum exterior cladding. The aluminum option will be the more expensive of the two.
The Jeld Wen w 4500 Window Series gets a 4.2 out of 5 star rating.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2024

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Jeld Wen W4500 Windows Prices

Consumers can expect the Jeld Wen W 4500 window pricing to run $50 to $60 per square foot. Comparable windows include Andersen 200 Series costs and Milgard Essence windows prices.

-- Window Itself: $50 to $60 per square foot --

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Jeld Wen w4500 Ratings

Consumers can expect the W4500 window with the aluminum exterior, wood composite interior, low-e glass, grids and argon fills to have a .33 U factor, .43 SHGC and .48 VT.

These are not particularly impressive numbers, although wood windows in general are never going to be able to compete with the strong numbers of a well-made vinyl window, for instance.

Jeld Wen w4500 Warranty

The Jeld Wen W 4500 wood window carries a 20 year general warranty. The AuraLast carries a limited lifetime warranty against wood rot. The Jeld Wen windows warranty should cover labor costs for one year after the purchase date and is not transferable to any subsequent owners. The warranty does include a glass breakage provision for a single year.

Jeld Wen offers a number of different warranties on their windows, based on the materials and model number. We urge consumers to read the applicable warranty in full prior to your purchase.

Window Warranty

Jeld Wen W4500 Reviews

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Jeld Wen w4500 vs Sunrise Windows

It's fascinating and more than a little daunting to try to be a smart shopper when it comes to windows. I stumbled onto your website, and it has just the kind of information I'm trying to find.

I'll follow up on the Sunrise windows--not a brand I've come across before. Just to make sure I'm comparing things correctly, I was looking up the performance figures for the Jeld-Wen w2500 ( these are the aluminum clad, pine interior, double hung) on the Menards site and found the following:

U-value: 0.29 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: 0.29 Visible Light VT Rating: 0.56 Air Leakage (AL) Rating: 0.1

Also on the Menards site, I found these stats for the Jeld-Wen w4500:

U-value: 0.3 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: 0.47 Visible Light VT Rating: 0.57 Air Leakage (AL) Rating: 0.3

From your site, you list the Sunrise models:

Sunrise Essentials: .30 U-factor, .33 SHGC, .50 VT, .10 AI

Standard Sunrise: .28 U-factor, .48 SHGC, .59 VT., .09 AI

Sunrise Verde: .28 U-factor, .21 SHGC., .05 AI

Sunrise Vanguard: .26 U-factor, .24 SHGC, .44 VT, .03 AI

Sunrise Restorations: .22 U-factor, 0.19 SHGC, .44 VT, .03 AI

If I'm reading these right, it looks like the w2500 stats are closest to the Essentials or Standard Sunrise, though the SHGC on the Jeld-Wen is better than the Standard. I'm having a hard time understanding why the Jeld-Wen w4500 AL rating would be as bad as 0.3, and overall it's worse than the w2500. I'll have to check that elsewhere.

David - Homeowner - October 15, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

David, I'm curious about that w4500 numbers as well. One thing to note, numbers can be pulled using all sorts of glass and spacer options -- so numbers, although a good way to judge a window's performance, can be a bit misleading, depending on where they come from.

Going beyond the numbers, the Sunrise is built better than the Jeld Wen and so 10 years down the road, those numbers will have widened quite a lot based on the strength and construction of the window. Go with the Sunrise Standard or better and you will be getting an excellent window. Replacement Window Cost

Editor Jim R. - October 17, 2016