Vytex Potomac-hp Windows Reviews

The Vytex Potomac-hp window is the high end or premium vinyl window that is quite impressive in its performance numbers and should provide some nice overall value for the consumer. Standard features include a constant force balance system, integral interlocks, foam insulation, triple weatherstripping, a full 1" sealed IG unit, and integrated sash lock, composite sack reinforcement and a magnetic seal for draft elimination.

Just as with the Vytex Fortis model, the Potomac HP comes in 26 exterior colors, as well as two interior colors and an optional woodgrain laminate interior as well. The Potomac HP vinyl window is one of our selections for a premium vinyl window without a premium price. It should offer the consumers excellent value, similar to their Fortis model. The Potomac does offer several nice standard upgrades that will provide the hp with a little better overall construction and durability than the Fortis.

Review By Jim R. - Site Editor - 2015

Vytex Potomac-hp Prices

Vytex Potomac-hp windows costs will run approximately $5 more per square foot then the mid range Vytex Fortis model. Consumers can expect to pay $50 to $60 per square foot for the window itself. Comparably priced windows will include Eco Smart windows prices and Polaris UltraWeld costs.

-- Window Itself: $50 to $60 per square foot --

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Vytex Potomac-hp Window Ratings

Consumers can expect the Potomac HP series double hung in the Energy Saver Plus package, which is a dual glazed low E glass with argon fills, to deliver a .26 U-value, a .20 SHGC, .05 air infiltration and .47 VT. The window will be Energy Star Compliant in all four regions.

Consumers can expect an upgrade to the Energy Saver Max package, which is a triple glazed glass with argon or krypton fills, to deliver a U factor of .19, and SHGC of .17 and a VT of .34. This energy package will also be Energy Star Compliant in all four regions. The Potomac-hp model comes standard with a design pressure 55 rating, quite impressive. All in all, the Potomac-hp delivers good numbers and ratings for a premium vinyl window.

Vytex Potomac-hp Warranty

The Vytex Potomac-hp window comes with the same limited lifetime warranty as the Vytex Georgetown and Fortis model. The warranty covers the mainframe, hardware and all standard components. The Potomac-hp warranty does include a glass glass breakage provision, which is a nice feature to have.

This warranty does not however cover any labor costs involved with removing the defective window, or replacing the window. This is pretty typical for most vinyl window warranties. The Vytex windows warranty is, all in all, pretty standard for the industry.

Vytex Potomac-hp Reviews

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