Viwinco Edgemont Windows Reviews

The Viwinco Edgemont window is the company's entry level vinyl window that uses a thinner frame that does provide more glass area, but comes at the expense of performance and durability. The window comes standard with a 3/4" single-strength IGU or insulated glass unit that uses a Solarban 60 low-e glass, an Interecept spacer, and argon gas fills. In addition, the Edgemont comes with a beveled fusion-welded and multi-chambered frame, a true sloped sill, constant-force balance system, a single cam-style lock and a roll form screen (consumers can upgrade to a heavier duty extruded screen) .

The Edgemont Series is available as a double-hung, single-hung, oriel, 2 or 3 lite slider, fixed window, or a hopper window. The Edgemont can be ordered in a white or tan exterior or interior - the Viwinco Cambridge window and the Oceanview Series can be ordered in additional interior and exterior color options.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Viwinco Edgemont Windows Prices

Consumers can expect Viwinco Edgemont window replacement prices run $30 to $40 per square foot for the window itself. Comparable windows include the Alside Excalibur window prices and Window World costs.

-- Window Itself: $30 to $40 per square foot --

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Viwinco Edgemont Window Ratings

The Viwinco Edgemont series in a double hung with the standard Solarban 60 low-e glass, Interecept spacer, and argon fills will generate a .30 U-factor, .48 visible transmittance, .26 SHGC, a DP35 rating, and a 59 condensation resistance. In terms of the air infiltration, the double hung will generate .12 AI, the triple pane double hung a .10 AI, and the double lite slider a .06 AI. Triple Pane Windows Prices

All in all, the performance numbers of the Viwinco Edgemont are quite decent for an entry level vinyl window. I like to recommend windows with an air infiltration of less than .10 so the window is on the bubble here.

Viwinco Edgemont Warranty

Viwinco offers a Limited Lifetime warranty on their vinyl windows that includes the vinyl, the insulated glass unit, components and hardware. The window comes with a 1 year labor installation provision and a 1 year provision on the external screen.

The Viwinco warranty is transferrable, although once the home is sold, the warranty is then good for 20 years from the date of purchase. The warranty can be transferred one additional time during this 20 year period. A $50 transfer fee and written notice must be provided to the company for the transfer to take affect. As with most warranties, this one includes a whole host of limitations and exclusions so make sure you read it in its entirety prior to purchase.

Viwinco Edgemont Reviews

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