Viwinco Windows Prices

Viwinco windows prices range from $30 to $60 per square foot. Viwinco manufactures low end to mid range vinyl windows that are not considered top tier vinyl windows, but are not the cheapest options out there either.

Viwinco is headquartered in Morgantown, Pennsylvania and has been in business since 1982. They manufacture both new construction and replacement windows and patio doors for the residential and, to a lesser extent, for the commercial market. They offer their 3 window lines and patio doors in a nice array of styles, colors and options, although the Edgemont Series is more limited in its color options.

I was pleasantly surprised by the performance data from these windows. While certainly nowhere near the best in the business, I have to say that the Viwinco product lines garners some respectable numbers for the price point. I like that the company posts their performance data, which many companies do not. It's a clever strategy because they are able to cherry pick a bit, but it also shows that they are trying to be transparent in their approach to consumers.

The bottom line is this, for the price point, which is typically in that low to mid price range, Viwinco offers a decent product. I think if you are on a budget and need a solid vinyl window, you certainly might want to take a look at Viwinco.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Viwinco Windows Prices

Consumers can expect to pay between $35 and $60 per square foot for the window itself. Obviously the biggest factor is going to be which of the three window series you opt for, along with the glass package, features, hardware, and additional upgrades. TYpically, I will recommend consumers stay away from the entry level models and this is certainly the case here. I think the Cambridge is a decent window at the following product price point. Installation will often account for 25% to 35% of the project total. This is a rule of thumb of course because there can be tremendous variations in install costs depending on the conditions of the sills and frames.

Viwinco Edgemont: $35 to $45 per square foot --

Viwinco Cambridge: $40 to $50 per square foot --

Viwinco OceanView: $50 to $60 per square foot --

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Viwinco Windows Ratings

The following performance data comes from the Viwinco website and applies to the double hung version of each window.

Viwinco Edgemont: .30 U-Factor, .12 AI, .48 SHGC, 59 CR, DP35

Viwinco Cambridge: .29 U-Factor, .47 VT, .10 AI .25 SHGC, 56 CR

Viwinco OceanView: .26 U-Factor, .13 AI, .27 SHGC, 62 CR, DP50

Viwinco Warranty

Viwinco offers a Limited Lifetime warranty on their vinyl windows that includes the vinyl, the insulated glass unit, components and hardware. The window comes with a 1 year labor installation provision and a 1 year provision on the external screen.

The warranty is transferrable, although once the home is sold, the warranty is then good for 20 years from the date of purchase. The warranty can be transferred one additional time during this 20 year period. A $50 transfer fee and written notice must be provided to the company for the transfer to take affect. As with most warranties, this one includes a whole host of limitations and exclusions so make sure you read it in its entirety prior to purchase.

Viwinco Windows Reviews

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Viwinco Oceanview Prices

Hello John, your website has been so incredibly helpful and I’m hoping you can provide a little guidance between two brands. We received a quote to replace 9 windows for $11,000 with Viwinco Oceanview series.

We were approached by Apex to be their “promotional home” and have a meeting to get a quote from them this Friday. What’s the quality difference between these two brands? Would you anticipate the quote to be around the same?

Any guidance is much appreciated!

Thank you.

Andrea - Homeowner - May, 2021

Website Editor's Answer

Andrea, the Viwinco Oceanview is an impact window, while Apex is a "simple" vinyl series. Apex often does this promotional home spiel to get the meeting. Their window is a "souped up" Alside 8000, a pretty solid window. Depending on the price, it's one worth considering.

The Viwinco Oceanview is a middle of the road impact series - do you need impact windows for your home? If not, then you should continue your search so you can have something to compare with the Apex windows price quote.

Editor John M. - May, 2021

Viwinco Windows Complaint

I had installed 28 Viwincos in a complete remodel 2011, 5 had mold or algae between the glass in 2016, the company did replace the glass only with no issue, I had to pay a contractor $350 to remove and install glass in original sashes.

Marvin - Homeowner - April, 2018