Harvey Acoustic Windows Reviews

Explore Harvey Acoustic windows reviews from our editors on their noise control, soundproof replacement window. The Acoustic Series is a vinyl sound attentuation window that has an STC rating of 44 in the double hung, rolling and picture window options. The casement Acoustic option has an STC rating of 40, which is decent but definitely not as solid as the 44.

Window STC rating is a measure of the the amount of sound that is blocked from entering the home - anything above 40 is decent, while an STC rating of 46 and above is considered excellent.
The Harvey Acoustic Window Series gets a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2024

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Harvey Acoustic Windows Prices

The Acoustic model is better constructed and designed than the majority of Harvey vinyl windows. The result is a more expensive window than the Slimline or Harvey Tribute. For a normal size opening and normal installation, consumers can expect replacement window prices to run $80 to $95 per square foot, fully installed.

-- Window Itself: $70 to $80 --

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Harvey Acoustic Window Ratings

The Acoustic double hung includes tilt in sashes that allow for easier cleaning, a block & tackle balancing system, as well as three exterior color selections. The Harvey Acoustic window will be ENERGY STAR compliant in all regions of the country if you order the dual pane with the low-e glass and argon fills.

Performance wise, the Acoustic with grids should achieve the folowing ratings: .26 U-factor, .25 SHGC, .42 VT and a 3.85 R-value. While not one of the best soundproof windows out there, the Acoustic is a nice affordable soundproofing option.

Harvey Acoustic Warranty

Harvey offers a Lifetime Warranty that covers the extrusion, screens, and all of the components such as locks, balances, sash retainers, hardware, etc. The insulated glass unit carries a 20 year warranty.

The warranty is transferrable to one subsequent owner, although the second owner's warranty has only a 20 year warranty period (instead of the lifetime) from the original date of manufacture. In general, the warranty is pretty standard in the industry.

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Harvey Acoustic Reviews

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