Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are the most popular style of window for residential homes, along with horizontal gliders and single hungs. A double hung has both an upper and lower sash, each of which can be opened. Unlike an awning that opens outward, a double hung opens up and down. The top sash can be lowered and the bottom sash can be raised. This offers lots of versatility and provides homeowners with a nice looking window.

Double Hung Versatility

Double hungs provide lots of versatility with the dual sash action. This provides lots of ventilation options, from opening both sashes to let in full area to simply cracking the top sash to let the air passively circulate. The other really nice feature is the ease with which the windows can be cleaned. This is less important for easy to reach windows, but is quite a nice feature on second story and hard to reach windows.

Popularity & Ratings

Because double hungs are so popular, homeowners have lots of options in terms of brands, models, colors, finishes etc. Nearly every manufacturer produces double hung windows and this works in the consumer's favor by providing so much variety and choose. Double hungs tend to get good ratings for movable windows. These and casement windows typically get the strongest performance numbers, while sliders tend to get lower ratings.

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Double Hung Costs

Double hungs will have a huge cost range, from low end vinyl options that start at $200 to high end wood clad windows that can go as high as $800 for the window itself. Fully installed prices will go from say $250 to $1,100 depending on the installation requirements. These prices are for a standard sized window - large openings can go for even more than this. The average cost of a mid range vinyl double hung with installation will by $425.