Sliding Windows

Gliding or sliding windows are one of the most popular types of replacement windows that consumers can buy for their home. These windows are very user-friendly and are excellent for bedrooms and places in the home where the window is open and closed often.

Sliding windows open horizontally, as opposed to vertically as is the case with a single hung window. They slide along a track that should offer a smooth and consistent movement of the window. In order to open the window, you typically just grasp the slide lock found in the middle of the window about midway between the bottom and the top of the glass pane. The window can be opened approximately 50% of the total glass area.

Sliding Window Advantages

Sliding windows tend to be most popular for bedrooms and areas with lots of exposure to afternoon breezes. They offer lots of light and are a great option for larger and more vertical window openings. (They are rarely used for taller, more horizontal window openings.)

One reason why they offer more light into a room is that they typically use a more narrow frame than a single or double hung and thus offer more glass area which allows more light in.

Easy To Open And Close

Sliding windows are also quite easy to open and close, much more so than say casements.

In like fashion, single and double hung windows are typically more difficult to lift up and down and rely on a constand force balancing system, while gliding windows tend to be much easier to open and close as they glide along a horizontal track and encounter much less friction.

Great For Ventilation

Sliding windows are great for ventilation. They opened up quite easily and slide along the track and offer roughly 50% open space of the total size of the window. This allows in afternoon breezes that help cool down the house naturally, which helps save on some of those high summer energy bills.

Gliding windows can be opened just a smidge if you need a little bit of insulation or they can be opened up much more for very hot days. They are probably slightly less versatile in terms of the ventilation them a double hung, but are probably equal to a single hung window.

Not The Best Energy Efficiency

Sliders tend to not offer the best energy efficiency when compared with other window styles. The reason is that the compression seals tend to be stronger on double hung's and casement windows than on horizontal sliders. This is one reason why sliders tend to be used in bedrooms, where energy efficiency is a little less important than the main rooms of a home, in which you will see more energy efficient fixed frame and double hung windows.

Sliding Window Costs

Sliding window costs will typically run very similarly to a price of a single hung window. They are available in any number of window frame materials, including vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, composite, and wood clad. Several of the most significant factors that will dictate sliding windows prices include the frame material, the manufacture, the glass package that you select, the number of upgrades and add-ons, as well as the type of installation that is required. Explore more pricing detail using the link above.

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Recommended Manufacturers

Nearly every major window company offers a horizontal sliding window in their most popular models and window series. Here are several that we like.

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