Replacement Window Options

Explore replacement window options, styles, frame materials and all applicable industry standard pricing and cost information.

Vinyl Window Frame

Vinyl windows are easily the most popular replacement window option, accounting for just over half of all replacements in the United States. They offer lots of advantages compared with other frame materials, just avoid poorly made products that will typically provide bad long term value to the consumer.

Vinyl Windows

Wood Window Frame

The natural beauty of wood simply outshines vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and composite frames. Wood clad windows provides consumers with the best of both worlds, beauty on the inside and durability on the outside. But this comes at a price.

Wood Windows

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Aluminum Window Frame

Aluminum windows are made, not surprisingly out of aluminum metal. Most aluminum window frames today are what's called thermally broken, meaning that there is a piece of nonconductive material between the different pieces of aluminum used in the frame. The other option is a clad window and aluminum is one of the cladding materials often used, along with fiberglass and vinyl. This is like having the best of both worlds; beautiful wood on the inside, and the strength of aluminum on the outside.

Aluminum Window Frame

Casement Window Style

Casement windows are particular style of home window that offers elegance, charm, and a touch of class to any home. Casements are easy to spot with their distinctive opening and closing mechanism. They are hinged on one side, allowing them to open outward using a hand crank.

Casement Window

Double Hungs

Double hung are the most popular window option for residential homes, along with gliders and single hungs. A double hung has both an upper and lower sash, each of which can be opened. Unlike an awning that opens outward, a double hung opens up and down. The top sash can be lowered and the bottom sash can be raised. This offers lots of versatility and provides homeowners with a nice looking window.

Double Hung Windows

Impact Windows

Impact hurricane windows are windows that are built to withstand severe storms and hurricane-like conditions. They are usually sold primarily in eastern and southern coastal states such as Florida and Georgia. Impact windows are strong durable windows they can stand up to severe storms. The most important feature of a hurricane impact window is the use of laminated glass instead of a low E or clear glass.

Impact Windows


Gliding windows are one of the most popular replacement windows that consumers can buy for their home. These are very user-friendly and are excellent for bedrooms and places in the home where the window is open and closed often. In order to slide open the window, you typically just grasp the slide lock found in the middle of the window about midway between the bottom and the top of the glass pane. The window can be opened approximately 50% of the total glass area.

Sliding Windows

Fixed Frames

Fixed frames cannot be opened or closed, they are instead fixed in place. Fixed frames are simpler than these movable window types because they have less parts and harware that can break and/or require repair if something does goe wrong. While they offer less options than other window styles, they are a cost effective and energy efficient home window option. Explore the advantages, disadvantages, pricing and top manufacturers of these energy efficient windows.

Fixed Frames

Single Hungs

Single hung windows are a popular style of window for residential homes that have a single lower sash that can be opened up or down for ventilation and easier cleaning. This differs from a double hung that has both a bottom and a top sash that can be opened up or down. Single hungs are less expensive and tend to get slightly better performance numbers for a comparable window.

Single Hungs

Basement Egress Windows

Any basement that is used as a living space is required to have an emergency exit, which is called an egress. These emergency exits provide a way in and out to the basement in the case of a fire or other emergency. Every city or county will have slightly different requirements as to size, height from ground, etc. so homeowners will need to speak with several local contractors to make sure they fully understand the codes and details that apply to their basement project.

Basement Egress

Picture Windows

Picture windows are sometimes referred to as showcase windows, due to their large size and the look they can bestow upon a wall or a home in general. However, they are also referred to as fixed frames, which are a type of window that are fixed in place and do not open, as with a casement or double hung. This is one reason why pricing is so difficult, because a picture window can be very small in size and require simple installation all the way up to a very large window that requires complex installation.

Picture Windows

Window Glass Panes

The number of window glass panes in your home windows will have a significant effect on how energy efficient they are and the performance numbers, such as U-factor and SHGC. Most home windows are dual glazed, perhaps 90%, while the remaining 10% manufactured are split between single and triple paned options. Explore the different glazing options and see the best application for each.

Single Pane Windows

Double Pane Windows

Triple Pane Windows