Guide To Window Prices

Our guide to window prices is a primer for consumers who want to better understand how the industry prices out their products and services. On the plus side, there are really only two components to the equation; the cost of the windows themselves and the cost of the installation. On the minus side is how confusing and varied the bid prices can be for the exact same project.

Replacement Window Prices

Vinyl Windows: $199 to $750 fully installed. Many vinyl window companies produce three lines of windows; an entry level, a standard and a premium series. A nice mid range vinyl window from a good manufacturer (including installation) should run roughly $350 to $450.

Fiberglass Windows: $500 to $1,000 fully installed. A nice mid range fiberglass window, say the all Ultrex Integrity from Marvin, should run you roughly $550 to $650 including installation.

Wood Windows: $300 to $1500 fully installed. Wood windows are all over the board in terms of cost because there are some low end builder grade options and there are some really beautiful wood clad ones as well. A nice mid range wood window should run $700 to $800 including installation.

Composite Windows: $350 to $1200 fully installed. Composite windows are all over the board in terms of cost. A well made composite like the Andersen 100 Series including installation should run something like $500 to $600.

Aluminum Windows: $500 to $1,100

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Why Pricing Is So Difficult

Providing home window price ranges is difficult because every replacement window project is different; just some of the factors that affect the cost include the age of the home, the condition of the walls, the condition of the existing frame, the size of the opening(s), the climate and location of the home, the variety of window styles needed, the frame type, the glass package, the hardware used, the upgrades such as screens, fills, spacers, the list goes on and on, but you get the picture. There are a lots of small details that can drive the overall project cost up or down per window. Here are some basic price ranges for different frame materials.

Installation Prices

Companies are free to bid out a project any way they see fit. You might get a bid that comes out to $500 per window from company A and $1000 per window from company B - each using similar quality windows and installation. The reasons for this can be reasonable; company B has a larger overhead, offers a better installation warranty, has a better reputation, or uses factory trained installers that command a higher rate. The reasons could be profit driven; company B thinks you will pay $1000 per window and they can make more money from your job. Getting multiple bids - 3,4 or 5 separate bids is probably the best way to understand the fair price for your project.

In some cases, companies or contractors will simply add 25% to 35% to the window price as the cost of installation. In other cases, they will charge based on the requirements of the installation itself. Here are some ballpark prices.

Insert Installation: $50 to 75$ per opening

Stops & Sill Replacement Installation: $100 to $150 per opening

Full Frame Installation: $200 to $250 per opening

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