Stanek Impact Windows Reviews

Stanek manufactures a single line of vinyl windows, which they call the UltraXtreme. This window can be ordered as a hurricane window, although the company website does not go into much detail in terms of explaining exactly how their impact resistant windows differ from the UltraXtreme. Hurricane or impact windows will come standard with laminated glass, which provides much greater strength than a standard clear or low-e glass and will not shatter in the same way. Instead, laminated glass that is struck by a hard object might break, but should stay intact. Once broken, it takes on a spider like pattern, but stays intact in the frame, thanks to a special design that uses a thin interlayer that binds the glass layers together.

The Stanek UltraExtreme window comes with some nice features, including a BetterVue fiberglass screen, custom-milled sash, low-profile locks, automatic tilt-in on the single and double hungs, fully-reinforced sash, and a low-e argon filled glass. The UltaXtreme window offers a block & tackle balancing system - preferable to a constant force system. On the downside, Stanek uses a pocket sill, which is a less desirable design feature than a true sloped sill. Consumers can select from a number of custom frame colors options, glass packages and hardware finishes.

Stanek offers an interior wood veneer option that comes in cherry, walnut, medium oak or a light oak - all of which do a good job of imitating the overall look of real wood. The Stanek website is a bit odd in this regard as they make their windows sound like they are using real wood (instead of a wood veneer or faux wood) - you have to dig around a bit to realize that it's a faux wood, which is actually a nice option as it does not require the same maintenance as real wood and should last longer than the real thing.

Overall, Stanek makes a quality hurricane window and depending on the cost per window, we would recommend that consumers take a look at these impact windows. Stanek used to have a great video on their website that showed how strong the window and glass was on their hurricane windows - last time we checked though, they had taken it down.

Review By Jim R. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Stanek Hurricane Window Prices

The Stanek hurricane window will run in the $55 to $75 per square foot cost range, depending on the glass package, options, add ons and upgrades you opt for. This replacement window is probably in the middle of the pack in terms of impact window cost. The Stanek UltraExtreme Series is comparable to Simonton Stormbreaker Plus cost and Viwinco OceanView prices.

-- Window Itself: $55 to $75 per square foot --

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Stanek Hurricane Window Ratings

The Stanek Ultra Extreme 5000 double hung offers a .29 U-factor, .29 SHGC, .04 AI and .52 VT. Their hurricane windows should offer something closer to a .21 U-value and a 70 design pressure rating, depending on the quality of the glass.

The first set of numbers are decent (the .04 AI is impressive), while the hurricane numbers are very solid. Stanek makes a quality hurricane window, whose ratings and numbers will stand up to most other impact window manufacturers.

Stanek Hurricane Windows Warranty

Stanek offers a pretty industry standard warranty, although it can't be transferred and won't cover glass breakage. Consumers who purchased Stanek windows prior to 2013/14 will not be able to get warranty relief because the company assets were purchased by Great Day Improvements.

This essentially means that Great Day owns the company and still uses the name Stanek Windows, but is not liable for any warranty claims that happened before 2014. There have been a lot of Stanek windows complaints posted online because of this and the consumer is obviously the one who gets burned in this transaction.

Stanek Hurricane Window Reviews

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