PGT 5500 Windows Reviews

PGT Windows and Doors is a Florida based manufacturer that sells both vinyl and aluminum huricane windows and non hurricane windows. They enjoy quite a solid reputation for quality products in the gulf and Florida regions.

PGT Vinyl Windows receive a 4.2 rating out of 5 stars -- read 12 PGT window reviews -- to see all of these, please use the link above to visit our PGT manufacturing page.

The PGT 5500 window is part of the company's WinGuard vinyl impact window series and is specifically the single hung model. It is a nice looking model, with clean design lines and nice corner welds. The 5500 series includes a number of features such as a a constant force and spiral balance system, a SecureConnect and SnapLock auto locking system, an embedded tilt latch, a tilt sash and a beveled meeting rail.

The PGT 5500 series can be ordered in a number of different glass options, including laminated or tempered for true impact resistance. The window comes in a variety of exterior frame colors, including anodized, beige, brick red, bronze, hunter green, and pebble khaki - most of these can only be ordered, however, in the woodgrain or white interior. Homeowners can also choose from the following interior frame colors: dark oak, bronze, beige, natural oak and natural cherry.

The PGT 5500 single hung is a straight forward, clean looking single hung impact window that many consumers will find a good entry level option. In fact, the model is one of our selections for the best impact windows on the market. PGT windows is a regional manufacturer located in Florida and typically has distributors along the gulf states, as well as the coastal south.
The PGT 5500 Window Series gets a 4.2 out of 5 star rating.

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PGT 5500 Window Prices

The PGT 5500 series should run somewhere in the $55 to $65 per square foot for the window itself. The 5500 is comparable to other quality impact windows such as the Simonton 9800 window and Stanek Impact windows.

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PGT 5500 Window Ratings

The PGT5400/5500 series with low-e glass and no grids should deliver a U-factor of 0.33, SHGC of 0.32, and VT of 0.55.

We were surprised that the numbers here weren't lower and/or better than they were (this data came directly from the website). However, the window still feels sturdy and well made in our estimation.

PGT 5500 Window Warranty

The PGT WinGuard vinyl window warranty includes a lifetime guarantee on the vinyl frame and sash, as well as a lifetime provision on all hardware, moving parts and screens. Insulated glass is covered for 25 years, after which the company covers half of the replacement cost. Laminated glass is covered for 10 years and stress cracks are covered for a single year. Color frame finishes are covered for 10 years as well.

Consumers should read this 2 page warranty in its entirety to explore the limitations and exclusions that are included in the 5500 series warranty.

PGT 5500 Window Reviews

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