Amsco Serenity Windows Reviews

Amsco Windows and Doors are not a household name by any means. Their approach is interesting in that they keep their prices low by offering essentially no warranty on the product itself. Instead, they rely on the local dealer to provide the warranty. Their window quality is actually pretty decent -- solid mid range level.

I give Amsco Windows a 4.1 out of 5 star rating based on 7 Amsco window reviews via their manufacturing page. This page has several links to Amsco window series and models.

Explore 2022 Amsco Serenity windows reviews, ratings, prices and warranty information on this soundproof window. Amsco isn't necessarily known as a top end vinyl window manufacturer. However, they do seem to produce decent vinyl windows at a very affordable price (at least their higher end series).

One of the big knocks on this company seems to be the warranty. Contractors and installers who have worked with the company say that essentially Amsco doesn't offer much in terms of warranty, but instead relies on the distributors or local companies that sell the windows to the consumers to provide the installation warranty on their windows.

This business model allows Amsco to offer a much more price competitive window, but leaves the consumer out in the cold if they should have issues down the road. This means that consumers really have to trust the company that they purchased the windows from and the installers to do a solid installation.
The Amsco Serenity Window Series gets a 4.4 out of 5 star rating.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Serenity Series Review

While the Amsco Studio Series in the Artisan Series do not get very good reviews from most industry experts, the Serenity Series actually gets some pretty decent reviews from installers in the know. The Amsco Serenity is a soundproofing window or noise reduction window that provides a decent low-cost alternative to some of the more expensive soundproofing window options out there. For instance, the Milgard Quiet Line soundproof window can cost as much as $2500 just for the window itself. The Serenity window is nowhere near his price range.

Amsco Serenity Ratings

The Serenity window will attain an STC rating of 40 to 47 and uses a 5 5/8 inch width frame with multiple chambers. It uses fusion corner welds, a positive action lock, and interlocking meeting rail and a block and tackle balancing system. In addition, the window has a 3/4 inch IGU with an intercept spacer, three different glass options and several different grid configurations as well. An upgraded glass option will provide a .06 air infiltration rating and a U value as low as .22.

The Serenity series comes in either white, almond or taupe and is a nice low cost alternative to some of the more expensive soundproof windows on the market. The window uses a different design than other soundproof windows that rely on the PVB interlayer for the glass, but the Serenity design is nonetheless effective. Installers have mentioned the absence of any durometer seal and poor quality glazing bead as design flaws.

Amsco Serenity Window Cost

Soundproofing replacement windows typically cost anywhere from $1000 to $1300 fully installed. The Serenity should run somewhere near the lower end of the overall soundproof window price range, although the actual out the door price depends on a number of variables.

Some of the more important window replacement cost factors include the size of the window, the upgrades and add ons (grids, reinforced sill, glass package, color frame, metal hardware, etc.), and the condition of your existing frame and sills, which will affect the installation requirements.

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Amsco Serenity Series Warranty

The Amsco Serenity offers a limited lifetime warranty for the original purchaser on both their windows and patio doors for any product made after July 1, 2009. It covers defects in the manufacturing process for materials or workmanship for all of its vinyl windows. The warranty is transferable, however the new owner is covered for only five years from the date of purchase.

The rest of the Amsco warranty is a laundry list of what the warranty does not cover, which is quite an extensive list.