Amerimax Masters Grande Windows Reviews

The Amerimax Masters Grande Series is their entry level vinyl window that uses even sightlines in a rather plain, but decent looking window. The window comes in a 2x and 3x double hung configurations, removable sashes in both the slider and double hung, interior beveled frames and sashes, slender profiles and sleek smooth narrow lines. It is available in a casement, awning, single hung, double hung, single or double slider, hopper and as a picture window.

All in all, not the fanciest of vinyl windows, but it has some nice features and the performance numbers are solid. The Amerimax Masters Grande is one of my recommended no frills vinyl windows out there.
The Amerimax Masters Grande Window Series gets a 4.1 out of 5 star rating.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Amerimax Masters Grande Prices

Consumers can expect Amerimax Masters Grande window costs to run $30 to $40 per square foot for the window itself. Comparable windows include the Ply Gem Pro Series and Milgard Styleline window prices.

-- Window Itself: $30 to $40 per square foot --

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Amerimax Masters Grand Ratings

The Amerimax Masters Grand double hung with the Ameriglass E2 glass package delivers a DP35, U-value of .29, SGHC of .30, VT of .56. Very solid numbers for an "entry level" window.

The Amerimax Masters Grand double hung with the upgraded Ameriglass AG3 Neat glass package delivers a DP35, U-value of .28, SGHC of .23, VT of .54.

Amerimax Masters Grand Warranty

The Amerimax Masters Grand comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the workmanship on all vinyl parts, components, insulated glass and hardware. The warranty is transferrable to a subsequent owner - this is a one time provision - and requires that the new owner pay a $75 transfer fee and let the company know of the change within 45 days.

There are some limitations and exclusions that apply so homeowners should read the document in full prior to purchase.

Amerimax Masters Grand Reviews

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Amerimax Masters Grand vs. Alside Mezzo

Can you provide your judgment of Amerimax Masters Grand picture window (quantity 3) for $3100 installed vs. Alside Mezzo installed for $2700. Location is Colorado Springs, CO.

Ralph - Homeowner - April, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Ralph, I think I’d prefer the Amerimax Masters Grand for $3100. I might get one or two more bids just to see if the two bids are fair market price. I would also go back to the Amerimax dealer and tell him that if he can match the $2700, then you’re ready to sign that day. I might make him think that you are ready to go with the Mezzo unless he can match the price.

Editor John M. - April, 2018

Ralph's Answer

I also have a quote on Prime 9000, and Provia Aspect (those prices being $3600, and $4100 respectively). My decision was to go with Amerimax as well.

I do have a question, hopefully you can answer; when the replacement window in a home with stucco exterior has no flanges, what is the structural integrity with; I assume screws into the original framing (studs), and how do the installers accomplish a good seal against both water and air leaks?

I looked at some videos on original builder window installs, and saw all the techniques to seal everything to prevent water and air leaking and it seems all those barriers are penetrated when the in-place window is removed. "If" the only seal with the window replacement is a caulk bead, I have some serious concerns.

Would like your opinion, and your recommendation as to what to insure the installer does.

Ralph - Homeowner - April, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Ralph, I would stick with the Amerimax for $3100 over the Prime 9000 (I have no idea about these windows) or the ProVia Aspect (no a bad window, but not worth $1K more than the Amerimax).

The retrofit windows will be screwed into the frame with predrilled holes in the frame. Proper flashing along the top and sides should protect against any water leaks.

Many times the replacement windows are sized so close to the original that the only way to seal it is with caulk. If there is a small gap between the window and frame, the installer will use a low expanding foam to insulate and seal the window.

Get a few more bids if you want and ask each installer to look at the windows and give you a blow by blow on the installation process. Hopefully, they will set your mind to rest.

Editor John M. - April, 2018