Alii Extreme Windows Reviews

Explore Ali'i Extreme windows reviews from our editor, including general product details, features, costs and warranty information. The Ali'i Extreme vinyl window is a specialty model of sorts from Anlin that is marketed exclusively in Hawaii. The Ali'i series is available as a double hung, casement, double slider, awning, single hung, bay or bow, single slider, horizontal slider, as well as in a number of combination and geometric shapes.

The Alii Extreme offers even sight lines, contoured lift rails, an automatic vent stop, a constant force balance system, triple-strength glass and stainless steel balances. In addition, consumers can expect reinforced locking rails, a high end silicone spacer, silver glass coating, cam-style locks, triple weather stripping and a Better Vue screen. The window is available in white, tan and bronze exterior frame color options.

Ali'i Extreme Windows Cost

The Ali'i Extreme window costs will run somewhere in the middle of vinyl window prices, which typically runs $40 to $90 per square foot. There are a number of factors that will affect the per square foot window cost, including glass preference, upgrades and add ons, as well as installation requirements.

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Ali'i Extreme Window Warranty

The Ali'i Extreme comes with the same lifetime warranty that Anlin offers on all of their windows (at least we think this is the case). Make sure to speak with the distributor in Hawaii to double check the warranty terms for the Ali'i vinyl window. In general, Anlin offers a a good lifetime warranty that is transferrable for 15 years from when the windows are purchased.