Storm Windows

Storm windows are single pane window inserts that are attached to the outside of an existing window and provide an added layer of protection from storms and severe weather. Explore storm window options, costs, materials and manufacturers.

Storm Window Basics

Storm windows are a less costly option than a full replacement window, while still providing important benefits, including protection from storms and better sound proofing qualities. Storm windows that are being inserted specifically to protect existing windows from storms and severe weather would be placed on the outside.

These exterior storm windows can have single track, double track or even triple track construction. The double track and triple track options provides a way to open and close the window, if the need arises.

Storm Window Materials

Storm windows can be made from a variety of frame materials. The most popular frame is aluminum, which is the strongest of all the frame options. Aluminum will not provide much in terms of energy efficiency, however it will provide the most strength.

Vinyl is the second most popular frame material for storm windows, and is a cost-effective but not quite as sturdy an option. Fiberglass is also used for storm window frames, although it tends to be a little more expensive than vinyl, but only minimally stronger than vinyl.

Storm Window Costs

Storm windows prices will run $50 - $200 for the window itself (vinyl Will typically be least expensive, fiberglass the next and aluminum is the most expensive option).

Consumers can expect the installation cost to run $25 - $75 per opening. The fully installed cost of storm windows should run $75 - $275 per window.

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Storm Window Manufacturers

Here are several examples of storm window manufacturers, ranging from the least expensive to the most expensive.

Indow Storm Windows
Larsen Storms
ProVia Storms