Ideal UltraTite Windows Reviews

Ideal Windows and Doors are relatively unknown to most consumers, but their high end vinyl window series are excellent.

Ideal Vinyl Windows receive a 4.6 rating out of 5 stars based on 13 Ideal window reviews -- to find links to all of the Ideal window series, please refer to our company page found in the link in the breadcrumbs.

The Ideal UltraTite signature series window is a high quality vinyl window that uses a decorative heritage sash profile that resembles a more traditional wood window. The UltraTite is on par with a Okna 500 series or a Sunrise Verde. The Ideal UltraTite double hung window has an air infiltration rating of .02, with a .28 U-value (with double pane and a foam filled frame.)

The Ideal UltraTite comes standard with the following features: foam filled extrusion, 7/8” insulated glass, a reinforced meeting rail, stainless steel constant force balance, double strength glass, double-wall lift handle, triple weather-stripping seals, an extruded aluminum half screen, 2 heavy duty tilt latches, and shadow grooved welds.
The Ideal UltraTite Window Series gets a 4.8 out of 5 star rating.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Ideal UltraTite Prices

Homeowners can expect the Ideal UltraTite window to cost $400 to $650 for a normal sized double hung window. The installation for a single window can run $150 for retrofit installation and $250 to $500 for full frame installation, depending on the state of the frame and sill. The total per window price of an Ideal UltraTite series might run $600 to $900 fully installed. Similarly priced windows include Soft-Lite Pro series and the Harvey Classic series.

-- Window Itself: $450 to $650 --

-- Installation Costs: $150 to $250 per opening --

-- Fully Installed Range: $600 to $900 --**

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Ideal UltraTite Ratings

In terms of ratings, the Ideal UltraTite double pane, double hung with a foam filled extrusion, low-e glass and argon fills will deliver a .02 air infiltration, .27 U-factor, .28 SHGC, .51 visible transmittance, and a 54 condensation resistance.

Overall, these are very solid numbers for a vinyl window and the main reasons that the UltraTite and the Ideal Platinum 3000 series windows are in our top rated vinyl windows category. Interestingly, you won't find either of these models on the company's website. These are primarily sold through select dealers.

Ideal UltraTite Windows Warranty

The Ideal UltraTite window comes with a limited lifetime warranty of the mainframe, sash, insulated glass unit, and all components and parts. The Ideal window warranty is transferrable to subsequent owners, but requires a $50 transfer fee.

As with all home window warranties, there are a number of limitations and exclusions that apply -- always read the warranty before buying to make sure you have the most up-to-date information.

Ideal UltraTite Reviews

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Ideal UltraTite Windows Cost With and Laminated Glass

They just sent me an updated quote and the laminated is +$390/window. I contacted Ideal and the attached seller is my local rep for their windows, and they only sell the 3000. Even at $920/window with laminated, they are less expensive than their competitor window universe or windows on washing who are charging ~$1350/window with laminated.

Should I try getting more quotes or do you have any installers in Maryland that you recommend?

You have been so helpful I can't thank you enough - besides using your website let me know how I can help.

Adam - Homeowner - January, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Adam, I have a list of brands I recommend, but no specific installers in Maryland. I can send this to you if you would like to take a look. But for instance it would list Okna and Windows on Washington is the Okna dealer there...

If the noise concerns are enough to justify that $390 per window (which I guess laminated window prices have gone up a lot because I just went a did a check and it's not as outlandish as I first thought), then I say go with the Ideal and know you are getting a great window and noise reduction to boot.

Editor John - January, 2023

Ideal UltraTite Windows Price List

This morning I got a quote from WINDOW AND DOOR OUTLET (Ideal's dealer). They gave me the quote for $ 9400/for 10 windows, slightly higher than TRI-STATE. My Ideal windows are called the UltraTite. You probably know it already. The price is for the cost of windows and installation.

7-double hung

2 picture windows

1 half-circle

After negotiation, it comes down to $9050, which is lower than Tri-State Windows ($9298).

But I added 5 more windows (1 is a very small BR window) and a sliding patio door with them. It comes to $14,800 (total 13 double hung $10400+ 1Small BR window ($700) + 1 half-circle $1250 + 1 sliding patio door $2500). All my windows have grids. so, they are more expensive than the regular plain windows.

I thought it was a good price. I signed a contract with them because I need to get this done before I remodel my kitchen.

Thanks for recommending Ideal. Their quality and installation seem good to me.

Jade - Homeowner - May, 2022