Simonton Pro Finish Windows Reviews

The Simonton ProFinish window is a new construction vinyl window that can be ordered in one of three models; the Builder, Contractor and Master line. New construction windows differ from replacements only in the nailing fin or flange on the new construction that allows builders to securely attached the window to the rough framing of the opening.

The Simonton ProFinish Series gets quite a bit of attention, thanks in large part to the Consumer Reports windows ratings from 2014, in which the Contractor model received an 83 out of 100. This was the highest rated vinyl window in its class. I would take pretty serious issue with the idea that the Simonton Pro Finish window is a top vinyl window however. Having said that, the folks at CR liked the price point and basic functionality of the ProFinish, which is certainly worth something.

Simonton ProFinish Builder

The Pro Finish Builder window is the entry level model that includes the same basic vinyl extrusion as the other two models, minus some of the nicer features and options available with the Contractor and Master model. The Builder is fine for rental properties or house flipping, but not the window I'd recommend for your primary home. The performance numbers are going to back this up. See below for ratings.

Simonton ProFinish Contractor

The ProFinish Contractor uses a slightly better sash design, similar to the sash on the Simonton Reflections 5500. The Contractor is actually a very similar window to the Simonton Asure, which is the entry level vinyl replacement window (although I like the balance system on the Asure better than on the Pro Finish).

Simonton ProFinish Master

The Simonton ProFinish Master window uses a beveled fusion-welded frame, 3/4 inch insulating glass, a stepped sill, intercept spacer, and color-matched hardware. The Master model will deliver better performance and offers some nice added features and options. The Master is going to be more durable, and should offer some more long term value.

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Simonton Pro Finish Window Prices

The Simonton ProFinish should run $350 to $600 fully installed. Obviously, the model selected will play a big role in the per window cost, with the Master running in that $500 to $600 range. The Pro Finish Builder is comparable to Anlin window prices for the Catalina Series, the Contractor model to Reliabilt 3500 Series cost and the Master model to Jeld Wen Premium vinyl window.

-- Window Itself: $125 to $250 --

-- Installation: $75 to $250 per opening --

-- Window & Installation: $350 to $600 --

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Simonton Pro Finish Ratings

The Simonton Pro Finish Master with the Low-E 366 glass offers a .31 U-factor, 3.23 R-value, and .20 SHGC. The Simonton Pro Finish Contractor with the Low-E 366 glass offers a .35 U-factor, 2.86 R-value, and .21 SHGC.

The Simonton Pro Finish Builder with the Low-E 366 glass offers a .35 U-factor, 2.38 R-value, and a .19 SHGC. The Pro-Finish should come standard as a DP35.

Simonton Pro Finish Warranty

The Simonton Pro Finish windows come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for residential homeowners (as opposed to commercial applications) on the vinyl mainframe and sash. There is a 20 year warranty on the hardware, screen and the insulated glass unit. None of the labor costs on repairs or replacements are covered on the Pro Finish (sometimes manufacturers will cover the labor for 1 or 2 years from the original purchase date).

The window warranty is transferrable to a new owner, but the warranty period is then 20 years from the date of purchase on everything, including the vinyl. Owners must fill out a transfer card and submit it to Simonton within 30 days. The warranty on the Pro Finish is long and full of some dense language that homeowners should probably read before purchasing to understand all of the exclusions and limitations that exist.

Simonton Pro Finish Reviews

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Simonton Pro Contractor

How good is the Simonton pro contractor vinyl replacement?

Vance - Homeowner - August 23, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Vance, the ProFinish Contractor is an okay vinyl window, middle-of-the-road I'd say. Did you take a look at the performance numbers on the page? Here is the info on the contractor with the Low-E 366 glass offers a .35 U-factor, 2.86 R-value, and .21 SHGC. Not great numbers, but not bad either. Simonton in general is a solid manufacturer.

Here is what I'd say -- if you don't live in a place with extreme weather and you have a good quality contractor, I'd say you'd be fine with it. If not, you may want to consider getting bids from some of the recommended window companies and see what kind of bids you get from them.

Editor Jim R. - August 25, 2016