NT Traditions Windows Reviews

NT Windows are generally well regarded in Texas and they manufacture both vinyl and aluminum windows. As is standard, NT sells their windows through local dealers and window companies.

I give NT Windows a 4.4 out of 5 star rating based on 13 NT windows reviews.

Explore NT Traditions windows reviews, costs, ratings, and warranty details on this vinyl window series from the Texas based company, NT Windows. The NT Traditions vinyl window series is an "exclusive" model that is sold through certain Texas-based dealers. In actuality, the Traditions windows is very close to their premium Presidential series, although stripped of several of the fancier features. The NT Traditions comes with 3/4 inch insulated glass, a basic locking mechanism, roll form aluminum screen, and simple sash molding. In terms of NT window ratings, consumers can expect a .26 U-factor, .20 SHGC and an air infiltration rate of .09 cfm/ft2. The NT Traditions Window Series gets a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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NT Traditions Prices

NT Traditions costs will range from $500 to $700 per window fully installed. There are quite a few factors that will determine cost per window -- type of installation required, size of windows, any custom shapes, any glass package upgrades, capping windows, and the list goes on and on. In terms of cost comparison, the NT Traditions will mirror Soft-Lite Classic window costs and ProVia Aspect series prices.

-- Window Itself: $325 to $450 --

-- Installation: $175 to $250 per opening --

-- Window & Installation: $500 to $700 -- **

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NT Traditions Window Reviews

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NT Traditions Premium Price vs. Wincore 5400

John, think I'm down to 3 finalists here, would love your feedback. (15 windows, with grids and white interior/bronze exterior with new cladding.)

1. $21,600
Brennan corp, NT parent company - windows called Traditions Premium. Cardinal glass package with coats of treatment
0.26 U Factor
0.2 SHGC
Air Infiltration - .09 cfm/ft2
18 weeks out

2. $17,750
Wincore 5400
6 weeks out

3. $15,914
Anlin Panoramic
Sin Matrix glass package
Acoustic upgrade
SHGC 0.18
U Factor 0.27
Air Filtration 0.03
STC Rating 35
99% UV Block
6-8 weeks out

Installers all seem very good from conversations and reviews.

Last option seems like the easy choice but maybe the NT are worth paying for? I don't anticipate living in this house long term but want a good investment that will maintain value and perform well.

What if I could get the negotiated prices to 19k, 16k and 15k respectively? I feel like I have some room with the first 2.

I want to salvage the current wood windows - just the sashes. Is there normally a charge for this? It will save them some going to the dump but they'd have to be more careful so as not break glass.


Dave - Homeowner - January, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Dave, number 3 is the best option as far as I'm concerned. I'd put NT a smidge under Anlin as a brand. I think the AI says it all in terms of head to head on the window series match up.

Absolutely try to get them down on price -- I like this technique -- "I do like the window, but it's just out of my original budget for this project. If you could do $15K out the door, we'd be willing to sign the work order today." Can't hurt :)

Total crap shoot on the final point -- usually they'll cut these out pretty roughly -- you can ask them to try and keep them intact as much as they can...

Editor John - January, 2023

NT Traditions Pricing

I am in the Dallas area and have received the following quotes for 15 windows. I've looked at the NFRC numbers until my eyes crossed. Any guidance would be appreciated. -thanks-

Vistamark - $7876

MI EnergyCore - $8195

NT Traditions - $8780

Brookshire Elite - $7800

Terry - Homeowner - June, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Hey Terry, those are some quality bids and decent prices to boot. My first choice would be the NT Traditions for the $8.7K, followed by the MI EnergyCore for $8.2K, then the Revere Brookshire Elite for $7.8K, and finally the Vistamark for $7.8K.

You could always see if there is a Sunrise dealer and also a Zen dealer who carries the Soft-Lite Classic (relabeled as a Zen Nirvana). These might be interesting bids to compare to the ones you have.

Editor Jim R. - June, 2019