Indow Acoustic Windows Reviews

These Acoustic windows are made by the Portland-based company Indow, which specializes in window inserts, sometimes called storm windows. The company has made several unique advances in both the window frame work, as well as the window glass. The framework is made from a compression tubing that sits tightly in the window opening and, once installed, is virtually unnoticed by the homeowner.

The "glass" is actually an acrylic glazing that is nearly impossible to distinguish from real window glass, at least to the "untrained eye." The result is a flexible and affordable window option that is much easier and less expensive than replacement windows.
The Indow Acoustic Window Series gets a 4.3 out of 5 star rating.

Indow Acoustic Ratings

The Acoustic model differs from the standard model in that its intent is to block more of the exterior sound from entering the home. These are often referred to as sound proofing windows, although in this case they are inserts that go on the interior of your existing window. While the standard Indow insert blocks some 50% more noise than with just a single pane window, the acoustic series is said to block some 70% of all external noises. Therefore, Indow windows STC should be close to 35 to 37 in the Acoustic option.

This model is ideal for individuals or families who live in a more urban neighborhood or on a busy street where noise and exterior sound is a noticeable issue. The Acoustic window does not look or function any different from the standard endow insert. There are no additional steps that the consumer or the installation company has to take in order to place the acoustic model in the home.

Indow Window Costs

The standard Indow window prices will run $20 per square foot for the product itself, which does not include a local company to come measure the window opening or to install the window itself. The acoustic model should run approximately $25 per square foot for the product itself, again not including the cost of the installation and measurements.

So for example, a window opening that is 30 inches wide by 40 inches tall will cost $208 for the Indow Acoustic window. A reasonable installation price might be $50 per opening, making the total installed cost, $258 for the Acoustic insert at the size mentioned. The nice thing about these inserts is that the installation should be rather easy, according to the company, and entire house can have their inserts installed in two to three hours.

-- Window Itself: $25 to $30 per square foot --

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Indow Window Warranty

The Indow Windows warranty lasts five years from the date of the purchase and covers any defects in the materials or any workmanship issues. The company will repair or replace any defective windows that meet their guidelines.

In addition, the compression tubing is warranted against damage from heat or cold or sun exposure for 5 years. The acrylic glazing is warranted not to change the light transmission more than 3%.

Indow Reviews Or Questions

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