American Craftsman 50 Windows Reviews

American Craftsman was once owned Andersen windows, but is now owned by Ply Gem. The brand is primarily sold out of the big box stores and is known as a builder grade window. I would use an American Craftsman window for a house flip or a rental property, but little else.

The American Craftsman 50 window is an economy vinyl window that is sold almost exclusively sold through the big box stores such as Home Depot. American Craftsman by Anderson are typically available in much of the eastern part of the United States with the exception of Florida. All in all, the 50 model is not a very well made unit - I would suggest that you take a look at our best cheap replacement windows page for a list of budget windows that may work better.

From the consumer standpoint, Home Depot offers excellent pricing, typically a price point that cannot be matched by local distributors. On the downside, HD will not offer the sort of specialized customer service, customization options and quality of installation that can be accessed through a local distributor. My suggestion for budget conscious consumers looking at the American Craftsman 50 window is to purchase the window through Home Depot if they have your size and options, and then find a quality independent installer, instead of using the HD subcontractors, who are typically paid at a low per window rate.

Standard features on the 50 Series window include dual weatherstripping and a beveled exterior frame. The double hung model does include a tilt in option on both the bottom and the top sashes for easier cleaning. The single hung model includes this tilt in feature on the lower sash. The window is available as a double hung, single hung, casement, awning, fixed picture window, as well as in several specialty shapes. Many times, if consumers do you want custom features, sizes or styles, they will have to special order it with delivery times typically in the 3 to 4 week timeframe.

The American Craftsman 50 series can be ordered in a white or beige on both the interior or exterior frame, as well as in a white or beige interior cam lock. Consumers can choose from three different grill options, including a Contour, Simulated divided Light, and a Flat style. There are a whole host of grill patterns that can help enhance the look of the 50 series, including styles such as Diamond, Prairie, Estate, Colonial and Farmhouse. Consumers can opt for a number of different glass upgrades, including a low E, low E3, tempered glass (laminated glass), obscure glass, and a low E low solar glass.
The American Craftsman 50 Window Series gets a 3.2 out of 5 star rating.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

American Craftsman 50 Prices

Consumers can expect the American Craftsman 50 window replacement price to run $15 to $25 per square foot for the window itself. Comparable windows include Jeld Wen Builders Vinyl costs and Window World prices.

-- Window Itself: $15 to $25 per square foot --

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American Craftsman 50 Warranty

The American Craftsman 50 vinyl window warranty is pretty typical for an entry-level or bargain window, it does not cover much. The 50 series does comes with the limited lifetime warranty from American Craftsman by Anderson. The warranty includes a lifetime provision on materials and workmanship on the frame and sash, as well as the insulated glass unit.

The warranty does not cover the labor cost to pull the defective window out or replace it, simply the part(s) and/or the replacement window itself. The remainder of the warranty, which is available online, deals with the limitations and exclusions that apply to the window. We urge all consumers to read the warranty info before purchasing this product.

American Craftsman 50 Reviews

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American Craftsmam 50 Series Window

American craftsmam 50 series single hung viynl window. Too much tention when closing. Tpivt. With cord .how the f---- do you adjust..nothing on line. Bought from home depot. Asked at store they were clueless

Randall - Homeowner - January, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Randall, I usually recommend for these sorts of things. After you watch a few, you should have a good idea what the issue is. AC50 are always running into problems.

Editor Jim R. - January, 2020

American Craftsman 50 Series Windows

Hi I have the 50 Series American Craftsman Windows to be installed in a concrete opening without any wood or buck boards. Also I have aluminum mull bars also that need to attach and as you know there are no holes in window frame. Thank you.

Brad - Homeowner - February, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Brad, are you asking about the best way to install the window? I wasn't quite sure what you were asking, but I would find an installer who has experience working with installing windows in a concrete frame. That would be my primary concern. The AC 50 is a pretty low end window in my opinion. If you are buying from the big box stores, I would go with their best possible window to avoid issues down the road. The cost is not that much more and you may save yourself some serious headaches.

If this is a DIY installation, I would get a few mock bids from local contractors and pepper them with all of your installation questions. Kind of an underhanded way to get information, but cest la vie. Before doing this, I would go to and spend an hour or so looking for video tutorials on how to install windows in concrete.

Editor John M. - February, 2020

Brad's Answer Back

Hi like I stated they were ordered from home depot and have no holes so just found out you have to drill your own. Also when order and they order the rough opening but did not consider the puck strips. So the windows are actually bigger than they need to be and it's not going to be a normal install.

These windows will be installed in Florida so we're also wondering why do we even need the boards or wood strips if we just want to attach it into the concrete so we could avoid termite damage anyway thank you for your reply.

Brad - Homeowner - February, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Brad, as long as you can properly attach the frame to the concrete and seal the around the window, you don't need the wood strips. Again, I would just advise doing some research to make sure you know how to properly install the window into concrete. Good luck!

Editor John M. - February, 2020