Pella Windows vs Marvin

Compare Pella Windows vs Marvin - window brands and see which is the winner in our head-to-head match up between these two.

Pella Windows And Doors - Pella is one of the best known brands in the United States. The company is located in Pella, Iowa, and has been in business for nearly 100 years. The company makes wood clad, vinyl, and fiberglass windows that sell through the big box stores, through local distributors in all 50 states, and through contractors and builders. They have a robust distribution to say the least.

Reputation - Pella enjoys a very good reputation as a high end wood window and door manufacturer. I think their reputation in the fiberglass and vinyl spaces is less stellar by quite a bit.

Marvin Windows And Doors - Marvin is a known brand, but not nearly as recognizable as Pella. The company is located in Minnesota and has been in business since 1912. Marvin is focused mainly on the fiberglass space and sells four main lines in this frame material (although they only advertise two of these on their website). They also sell a wood clad series called the Ultimate. Marvin sells almost exclusively through local distributors in most of the contiguous United States.

Reputation - Marvin enjoys a very good reputation as a high end fiberglass window and door manufacturer. They also enjoy this good to great reputation in the wood clad space.

Pella Brand Score: 8.0 (out of 10)

Marvin Brand Score: 9.0 (out of 10)

Review By John M. - Site Editor

Last Update: February 26, 2024

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Pros Of Pella Windows And Doors

» Great Reputation

» High Quality Wood Windows

» Beautiful Wood Clad Options

» Decent Vinyl Windows

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Pros Of Marvin Windows And Doors

» Excellent Reputation

» Great Fiberglass Windows

» Good Availability

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Pella's Popular Window Series

» 250 Series (Solid Vinyl Option)

» Impervia Series (Okay Fiberglass)

» Architect Series (Good Wood Clad)

» Reserve Series (Great Wood Clad)

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Marvin's Popular Window Series

» Elevate Series (Very Good Fiberglass)

» Essentials Series (Good Fiberglass)

» Infinity Series (Good Fiberglass)

» Ultimate Series (Excellent Wood Clad)

Pella Windows Cost

» 250 Series (6.5 out of 10 - vinyl)

» Impervia Series (7.5 out of 10 - fiberglass)

» Architect Series (9 out of 10 - wood clad)

» Reserve Series (10 out of 10 - wood clad)

Marvin Windows Prices

» Elevate Series (8 out of 10 - fiberglass)

» Essentials Series (7 out of 10 - fiberglass)

» Infinity Series (7.5 out of 10 - fiberglass)

» Ultimate Series (9 out of 10 - wood)

Pella vs Marvin

I'm replacing the windows in my Tudor-style home in New York. I'm also planning an extension with new windows, possibly floor-to-ceiling, and a French patio door. While I love Marvin's options, the price is hard to swallow. I initially considered the Andersen 400 series, but they are so expensive. I've thought about Pella and Jeld-Wen, but I haven't had the chance to see or price them yet. I've now decided to have my contractor work with his subcontractor for the installation.

I'm aiming for a look that complements the Tudor style, with a black exterior, wood trim interior, and grills. The frames must be narrow, and I've set my heart on casement windows.

I'm seeking alternatives to Andersen and Marvin, seeking the best price-to-quality ratio while maintaining the right aesthetics. I'd like something that mimics the original metal or steel look in Tudor homes without breaking the bank.

Thank you for your help!

Shiela - Homeowner - Febraury, 2024

Website Editor's Answer

Shiela, I might recommend Windsor - they have some nice options. Pella has some great options as well -- but they are going to be roughly the same price as Marvin I would say.
Windsor Windows Reviews

Editor John - February, 2024

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