ProVia Doors Reviews

Check out ProVia Doors reviews from homeowners who have received bids and quotes on their entryway and patio slider doors in the past. The company initially was known as Precision Door and this is what they made. Later, they expanded into the vinyl windows market, where they now make the Endure and Aspect, both of which are very good.

I would say that ProVia, along with Therma Tru and Jeld Wen, makes some of the best doors on the market. They are certainly not cheap, but they are high quality and will last for decades given professional and quality installation.

ProVia makes a number of door types: Entry, Storm Doors, French Doors, and of course Patio Sliders. As you would expect, the offer a number of styles or collections - these include Tudor, Victorian, Colonial, Spanish, Cape Cod, Farmhouse, Modern, and Craftsman. The materials used to make their doors include fiberglass, vinyl, and steel, and fiberglass.

ProVia Door series include the ecoLite, Aspect, and the premium Endure series. For their Storm Doors, the company has the following series names: Spectrum, DuraGuard, Deluxe, Decorator, and Superview.

I give ProVia Doors a 4.9 out of 5 star rating based on 3 ProVia Doors reviews posted at the bottom of the page.

Review By John M. - Site Editor

Last Update: February 21, 2024

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ProVia Doors Prices

These are amongst the more expensive doors on the market, and with good reason. They are some of the best doors on the market today. It's pretty tough to put a price tag on doors because of the various sizes, materials, glass and upgrades, but very generally let's say a normal sized entry door runs $800 to $1500 fully installed.

And let's say a normal sized patio sliding door runs $2000 to $3000 fully installed. There are loads of examples where the price greatly exceeds this price. A lot of that can do how much work it is to remove the old door, and prep the frame for installation. Plus custom sized doors can really add to the cost. Standard sized doors tend to be much less expensive.

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ProVia DoorsReviews vs Marvin

Hello, I'm replacing three sliding entrances and two large satellite windows in the first phase of my project. After receiving several options, I've narrowed it down to the following ones:

Marvin Elevate Series for $17,300 ( Marvin Windows Cost )
Sunrise: Installing Vanguard for $15,000
Zen Windows: Installing ProVia Endure Series for $13,000

I'm seeking your preference among these. I have confidence in all three companies for the installation.

The second phase involves approximately 30 windows. I've obtained rough prices from each company, considering using the same one that installs the doors for the windows:

Sunrise costs nearly $850 each for Restoration. ( Sunrise Windows Prices )
Zen Windows costs around $700 each for Softlite.
Marvin quotes around $1,100 each for Elevate.

Considering the second phase bids, would you change your selection for the entrances? I'm contemplating using the ProVia doors and Sunrise Windows if the ProVia significantly outperforms the Vanguard. My wife places great importance on the appearance, and she's drawn to the smaller frames of the Sunrise windows.

Thank you for your assistance.

Sally - Homeowner - February, 2024

Website Editor's Answer

I think your second phase plan is great - ProVia door and Sunrise Vanguard. I think this is the way to go without a doubt!

Editor John - Febraury, 2024

ProVia Doors Reviews

Hi John, I saw on your website that you provide your opinion on quotes. This vendor has installed windows in my house in the past. This time, though they are saying that Vytex has significantly increased their prices and this is the best offer they can make me.

6 Double Hungs and 4 Picture Fixed Frames for a total of 10. The windows will be Vytex Fortis. The quote was for $12,800. (Vytex Windows Cost)

1 door - ProVia Legacy Steel door (with a transom).

It's much higher than what I paid in the past. This is why I wanted an opinion on this quote before I sign this agreement.

Thanks so much for your help.

Ravi - Homeowner - October, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Ravi, these are both excellent series and while not cheap, this is a decent price for 10 windows and one door, especially from ProVia, which makes one of the best doors in the business. MWT Windows gets excellent reviews from what I saw. I think this would be a strong contender. Now I always advise getting three or four bids to compare them to, just in case there is a better deal out there.

Editor John M. - October, 2023

ProVia Doors Reviews

Hi, I've reached out to some different online sites to get everyone's opinions. It's for new installation by the way. I only have bids on the windows themselves (6 of them) but he said the sliding patio doors will be roughly $2500 installed. Love to know what you think of the prices. both of the quotes are for ProVia doors.

ProVia Endure $4.1K
Polaris UltraWeld $5.3K (More on Polaris Windows Prices)

Patricia - Homeowner - June, 2023

Website Editor's Answer

Patricia, the price quotes on the windows look pretty fair. The Endure is much more tempting. The price on the sliding doors sounds reasonable as well. That's about what the going rate for these are. Assuming the installation company has good reviews, I think this sounds like a good deal.

Editor John M. - June, 2023

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