Norandex Windows Reviews

Norandex Windows are owned by Cornerstone Building Brands, a holding company that owns tons of window companies, including Silverline, Simonton, Great Lakes, and Ply Gem (among others). The company makes two main window series, which include the eXtreme and PerfeXion series. Each is available as either a replacement or as new construction (which simply means it comes with a nailing fin). The company makes a decent to good vinyl window - I would give them a rating of 7.0 out of 10. Our Norandex windows reviews are listed below.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In May, 2024

Norandex Windows Reviews

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Norandex Windows Prices

Norandex pricing is going to be pretty close to what Simonton windows cost. Basically, somewhere in that 2 star to 3 stars out of 5 range. Of course, the biggest factor driving price is always going to be the company that provides you with the bid. Companies can bid out projects in whatever way they see fit. This is why we always suggest getting 3 to 4 bids from quality local companies.

Norandex Windows

Norandex eXtreme Windows

The Norandex eXtreme replacement is available in the following series (all numbers) 900, 1000, 3000, 6000, 8000, and as a patio door. For new construction, the eXtreme is available in the following series (again, all numbers) 130, 150, 450 and 5700. Scroll down to read our exTreme Norandex windows reviews.

Norandex Vinyl Windows

Norandex PerfeXion Windows

The PerfeXion replacement series is available as a Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Impact series. For new construction, the PerfeXion is available in the following series: Builder, Contractor, 300, and 600.

Norandex Viewpoint Windows

The Viewpoint is sold by Norandex, but made by Atrium Windows. It comes in one of three different lines or models - they are all farily similar but differ in terms of what features comes standard and some color variations and options.

-- Standard Installation: $50 to $150 --

-- Fully Installed: $50 to $65 per square foot--

Norandex Viewpoint Reviews

Norandex Window Warranty

The company offers a limited lifetime warranty on their vinyl windows that applies to any defects on parts, components and workmanship. The insulated glass is warranted for 25 years, although the company only covers 100 percent of the replacement cost for a single year - after that, the percentage that Norandex covers goes down based on the number of years that the consumers has owned the windows.

The remainder of their warranty is spent detailing the number of limitations and exclusions that apply to their vinyl windows and doors. Any consumer who is considering purchasing a Nornadex ViewPoint vinyl window should take the time to read the entire warranty to see how it applies to your specific product.

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Norandex vs CertainTeed

Hi - could you send me your list of recommended windows? My house is a simple ranch, 60 years old and has original windows. I am replacing 5 bedroom windows. My contractor is recommending Norandex (silver) windows (he also said he could get CertainTeed Windows, but I did some research and told him I didn't want that brand) and I am trying to decide if they are good enough for me.

I want energy star certified, but I do not see need for the cost of most efficient as the rest of the house is not efficient. I am also looking at a quote from Comfort Windows which is a NY only company and has its own installers.

Frank - Homeowner - May, 2024

Website Editor's Answer

Frank, happy to send you my list. I would suggest you take a look at our Norandex Windows Reviews webpage(s) to solicit additional opinions. To be honest, I don't normally recommend Norandex, but it sounds like this is a nice fit for you and your family. Of course, this will depend on the price point as it compares to CertainTeed and/or Comfort.

Editor John - May, 2024

Extreme 6000 Series

7 Horizontal Sliders
Dimensions: Rather Large
Price Quote: $5.7K
Included All
State: Michigan
Project Bid from 2018

Norandex Extreme 311 Patio Door

Patio Door (1)
Dimensions: 7'
Price Quote: $1.2K
Included Door And Installation
State: Michigan
Project Bid from 2018

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