Pella 350 Windows Reviews

Explore Pella 350 windows reviews, ratings, prices and warranty information on this Pella vinyl window. The Pella 350 series replacement windows are a slight upgrade from the Pella 250 Series, but are pretty close in terms of overall design and construction. The 350 offers better craftsmanship in terms of ist corner welds, a slightly stronger frame and an optional triple pane glass.

Pella has never been known for their vinyl windows, they are known for their wood clad windows. In the past, they have had some pretty dismal reviews from installers and industry professionals over the quality of their vinyl windows and customer service. This new line, the 250 and 350 Series, marks a new era in Pella's foray into the vinyl window market. Is the Pella 350 vinyl window the best in its class - no it isn't, but it is a solid vinyl window with a recognizable name attached to it.

So the question is, are Pella 350 windows any good? They are certainly a big improvement over their Thermastar vinyl windows, which is now called the Pella Encompass Series. I think it's fair to let performance numbers speak for themselves and the Encompass casement window gets some very decent numbers (see below).

Review By John M. - Site Editor - 2015

Pella 350 Windows Ratings

According to the NFRC window ratings, Pella 350 casement windows (without foam fills) will get a .28 U-factor, .024 SHGC and a .44 VT - numbers that are pretty impressive! Pella 350 double hung windows will get a .31 U-factor, .28 SHGC and a .53 VT. For additional rating information, see our Consumer Reports replacement windows page where several Pella models are reviewed and rated and can shed some light on how these vinyl windows stack up against similarly priced products.

Pella 350 Windows Cost

The Pella 350 window price will probably fall somewhere in the mid range of vinyl window prices, which run $30 to $90 per square foot fully installed. So perhaps in the $40 to $50 psf price range, depending on the upgrades and features you opt for and the installation requirements for your particular project.

The Encompass vinyl window is comparable to Alside Ultramaxx Cost and Simonton Reflections 5300 prices.

-- Window Itself: $40 to $50 per square foot --

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Pella 350 Window Warranty

Pella offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on their vinyl windows and doors. All nonglass materials and workmanship are warrantied to be free from manufacturing defects for the life of the original buyer for as long as they own their home. The company will repair, replace or refund the original owner from the defective parts or full window (the company will also cover the cost of the installation for 2 years from the date of purchase).

If the home is sold to another owner, the warranty covers the new owner for 10 years from the date of purchase. Nonlaminated glass is covered for a period of 20 years and laminated glass is covered for a period of 10 years. Any product with EnduraClad Exterior Paint is warrantied for 20 years from the original date of purchase. Their Exterior Surround carries a 25 year limited Warranty.

Pella 350 Window Reviews

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Pella 350 vs Sunrise Patio Doors

Having trouble deciding between the Pella 350 or Sunrise patio doors. Like the look and functionality of the Pella but the Sunrise warranty is much better. Any thoughts?

Jeff - Homeowner - February 20, 2017

Website Editor's Answer

Jeff, the Sunrise patio doors, just as with the vinyl windows, are going to be much better than the Pella 350 patio door. Bella is a good wood clad window manufacturer, but they still can't touch the quality, craftsmanship, or energy efficiency of the top tier vinyl window and patio door manufacturers. I would put Sunrise in the excellent category.

Editor Jim R. - February 20, 2017

Pella 350 Window Costs

My friend was cleaning windows at a new home and scratched the exterior window trying to take off glue. They are afraid they will have to replace it. I believe it is a 250 or 350 series. They are afraid it will cost about $1000.00. Is that close to accurate? It is a triple pane window. Thank you.

Lisa - Homeowner - June 20, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Lisa, that sounds very high to me, depending on the size of the window. Typically, $1000 is on the high end to replace an entire window. It would be VERY high to replace a Pella 250 or 350 vinyl window. But again I don't know the size, location, etc. They would just need to replace the outside glass pane so the triple pane shouldn't factor into the equation. You do lose the sealed argon gas when you replace the glass but this isn't the biggest deal (although it is annoying since you paid for it in the first place, or someone did at least).

My suggestion would be to look up window glass specialists in the area. They will often give you a quote over the phone for their services if you have all the information on the window. Call up a few and see if you can't get a much better price – if you are replacing glass, you don't have to go with a Pella specialist, unless you want to switch out the entire IGU.

Editor John M. - June 2, 2016