Preservation Window Prices

Preservation Windows Prices range from $55 to $65 per square foot for the window itself. The installation cost is above and beyond this general window pricing guideline. Preservation windows are made by Alside Windows (which is owned by Associated Materials), but they are marketed more as a stand-alone product. They are considered Alside's high end vinyl replacement window and are priced as such. They include many upgraded features, components, and glass options.

Although the windows include the upgrades, the overall design leaves something to be desired, especially their snap in sill (that they label a capture sill). The performance data on the window is not as impressive as consumers might expect given the rather high price tag. Overall, not a bad vinyl window at all, but overpriced in my opinion (although I have seen some bids that were quite competitive and I would consider the window at the right price point).

Review By John M. - Site Editor

Preservation Windows Cost

Preservation windows prices will typically fall in the high end of the vinyl window cost range and will rival the cost of say the Sunrise window and the Zen Lotus window.

Preservation Window Ratings

The Preservation window website lists a few performance numbers, but only those with their very best glass package, the EnergyMaxx 10 Elite unit. With this upgrade (which is a triple pane glass with krypton gas fills), consumers can expect a .18 U-factor, .18 SHGC, and a .36 VT.

With their standard EnergyMAxx 4 glass, consumers can expect a .29 U-factor, .28 SHGC, and .51 VT. What I'd love to see is the air infiltration rates, which I would imagine to be just okay, probably in the .10 to .12 range.

Preservation Window Warranty

The Preservation series warranty comes from Associated Materials, the parent company of Alside and includes a lifetime warranty on the frame and sales, hardware, balances, and any other moving parts. It also includes a lifetime warranty on the fiberglass screen and frame, all well as the insulate glass unit. The warranty includes a glass breakage provision and includes a one year warranty on the labor or replacement cost of the windows. As with all warranties, there are limitations and exclusions so make sure to read the warranty yourself prior to purchasing Preservation windows.

Preservation Window Reviews

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Preservation vs Soft-lite Elements Casements

John, Thanks for your prompt response. I am now thinking about Preservation vs Soft-lite Elements casements. I haven't seen either window nor gotten the prices but I suspect they will be pricey. I would like your opinion on those vs the step down models ( soft lite imperial LS vs Alside Mezzo) and if the lesser models are worth the money.

Thank you. Your expertise is invaluable.

Jan - Homeowner - March 7, 2017

Website Editor's Answer

Jan, Preservation is a private labeled Alside window and, simply put, over priced in my opinion. I just don’t think it’s a great window for what they charge for it. I would go with the Soft-Lite models in a heartbeat.

The Mezzo and Ultramaxx are the two Alside windows that I feel are good windows, but I will always recommend the Soft-Lite Imperial LS and Elements over anything that Alside puts out. Honestly, those two Soft-Lite models are tough to beat in terms of quality, tolerances, finish and fit.

Editor Jim R. - March 7, 2017

Jan's Response

Thanks, John. I was put off by the Preservation salesman at a Home Show last week anyway.

With regard to Soft-Lite, I'm just concerned that it's a small company and could easily go out of business therefore voiding my warranty. As a homeowner, and I also don't want to put a lot of money into this project because I fear I will never recoup the money as I am in my 60's. That is why I will look at the midrange windows. The problem is going from Pella wood windows with internal blinds to brand x. I am also hoping that a transferable warranty is a plus when I decide to sell my home.

Jan - Homeowner - March 20, 2017

Website Editor's Answer

Jan, Soft-Lite is not a small company in terms of windows. They weathered the "great recession" that put other window businesses out of business and did so easily. The reason is that they are a very good manufacturer that makes great vinyl windows. Go with the Soft-Lite Elements and you will have a product that will last a long, long time.

Editor Jim R. - March 20, 2017