Reliabilt 3201 Windows Reviews

The ReliaBilt 3201 window is the low end double hung vinyl window from Reliabilt and is an updated version of their 5600 Series. The window uses a fusion welded sash and fully welded frame, 3.25" jamb depth, three distinct grid options and can be purchased in either an interior an exterior almond or white.

Standard features on the 3201 model include a beveled frame profile, single strength glass, a constant force balancing system, a half screen, tilt in sashes for cleaning, 2 cam locks, and double ventilation latches.

The Reliabilt 3201 Series is sold through Lowes and should be available across the country. It is one of the less expensive Reliabilt vinyl window options and therefore not one of the windows we would recommend. I would prefer consumers go with Reliabilt 3500 or 3900 Series.

Review By Jim R. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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ReliaBilt 3201 Window Prices

Consumers can expect to pay $15 to $20 per square foot for the ReliaBilt 3201 window itself, depending on the upgrades, features and glass options you opt for. The ReliaBilt 3201 is comparable to Amsco Serenity costs and Silverline 2900 windows prices.

-- Window Itself: $15 to $20 per square foot --

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Reliabilt 3201 Window Rating

In terms of ratings, the 3201 double paned double hung window will deliver a U-factor of 0.30, an SHGC of .19 and a design pressure rating of 35. The window is Energy Star compliant in all 4 zones.

For an entry level window, these numbers are pretty impressive. ReliaBilt is one of the economy brands that we often recommend for consumers who are shopping at the big box stores like HD and Lowes.

Reliabilt 3201 Windows Warranty

The Reliabilt 3201 comes with a Limited lifetime warranty on the vinyl frame and sash. Insulated glass is warranted not to fail, but is on a prorated schedule, meaning for instance that from years 16 to 25 after purchase date, the buyer pays 25% of the replacement cost (the buyer pays 50% after year 25.)

The 3201 Series includes a lifetime warranty on the insulated glass. The warranty is transferrable one time only, although the new owner will be covered for only 10 years from the date of purchase. There are the usual exclusions and limitations that go along with the Reliabilt warranty.

Reliabilt 3201 Window Reviews

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Reliabilt 3201 Window Quality

Is the Relaibilt 3201 good for the region I live in? My zip code is 48185. If not, which series will you recommend?

Paul - Homeowner - July, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Paul, the Relaibilt 3201 is an average window at best. If you are staying in your home for 7 years or less, I'd say it's fine. If you are planning to stay in your home long term, I'd recommend going with a good quality vinyl window. These include the Polaris UltraWeld, HiMark 800, Okna 800, Sunrise Restorations, Kensington Quantum II, Vytex Newton, and Soft-Lite Elements. You can also go with the step down model for each of these windows.

Editor Jim R. - July, 2018

Reliabilt 3201 Series Energy Star Rating

What is the energy star rating on the reliabilt 3201 series windows? The reason for question is for tax rebate must be at least 6.0 energy star rating. Thanks.

Cheryl - Homeowner - January, 2020

Website Editor's Answer

Cheryl, I believe the Reliabilt 3201 is energy star compliant in all four regions, but I would not take my word for it. I would talk to the Reliabilt dealer selling you the window to make sure. They should have this information on lock since they sell the product every day. This is going to insure you get the right information.

Editor John M. - January, 2020