Paradigm 8300 Series

Our Paradigm 8300 Series windows, ratings, costs, reviews, and much more. The Paradigm 8300 window is consdiered the premium vinyl series in Paradigm's roster. The window comes standard with the following: constant force balance, injected foam insulation, 0.75 inch insulated glass, triple weather-stripping, cam sweep sash locks, and a full screen. All in all, the Paradigm 8300 series window is a higher end mid range vinyl window (if that makes sense).

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Paradigm 8300 Windows Prices

Consumers should expect the Paradigm 8300 series to run $350 to $500 for a medium sized double hung window itself. Installation costs will typically run $100 for a retrofit installation to $250 for new construction installation. Factors that can affect pricing include the size of the window, the glass package, and any upgrades such as grids that buyers may select. Similarly priced windows include Pella 250 costs and Milgard Tuscany pricing.

-- Window Itself: $350 to $500 for the window --

-- Installation Cost: $100 to $250 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $450 to $750 per window --

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Paradigm 8300 Window Ratings

Consumers can expect the Paradigm 8300 series to deliver a U-value of 0.28, an SHGC of 0.31, CR 61, VT of 0.47, and finally an R-value of 3.57.

These are respectable numbers for the most part and, I believe, they back up my claim that the Paradigm 8300 is an upper end mid range vinyl window.

Paradigm 8300 Window Warranty

The Paradigm window Warranty includes a 5-year Full-Coverage Warranty for Vinyl Windows. This includes the window replace or repair cost, as well as the labor costs. A pretty solid warranty provision. After the five year period, the company will repair or replace windows due to manufacturing defects. There are quite a few caveats to the manufacturing defects.

Before you purchase a Paradigm 8300 series window, please read the very latest Paradigm window warranty information for all of the latest provisions and clauses.

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