Kolbe Windows Prices

Check out Kolbe Windows reviews and prices on this Wisconsin based manufacturer. The company makes four window series, including the Heritage, VistaLuxe, Forgent and Ultra series. (They used to make a vinyl window, but this is no longer posted on their website.) Kolbe And Kolbe Millworks (the name of their parent company) has been in business since the mid 40s. They have manufacturing plants in both Wisconsin and, more recently, in Phoenix Arizona. This allows them to sell their windows and doors throughout nearly all of the country - they sell through local companies known as window dealers (as opposed to the direct to consumer approach like a Renewal By Andersen).

Kolbe Windows And Doors makes four principal wood clad windows and these all tend to be expensive. (All wood/clad/windows are more or less expensive when compared to other frame options and materials.) For the most part, the company has a good reputation for quality and craftsmanship, although they have had several issues in the past - see our section on Kolbe And Kolbe Windows Lawsuit. As a rule of thumb, Kolbe manufactures a quality aluminum clad wood window, but they can be expensive. I think for those homeowners who really want the look of wood and are willing to pay for it and take care of them, then Kolbe Windows And Doors should be in the mix (assuming the price is fair.)

The Heritage series, or Classic as it is sometimes referred to as, is an all wood window. Ideal for homes that are historic and require this material or for homeowners who love the look of real wood and want a truly unique color on the outside - as they can be painted any color. The VistaLuxe series comes in either an aluminum exterior and wood interior or as an all-aluminum. The VistaLuxe has very clean lines and a nice modern style. The Forgent series is made of Glastra, a fiberglass/vinyl hybrid material that homeowners can order in either the Glastra exterior and wood interior or as a full Glastra. Finally, Kolbe Windows And Doors offers the Ultra series, which is a wood interior and aluminum exterior. The Ultra has a traditional look and can be ordered as an impact or as a non-impact window.

I give Kolbe Windows And Doors a 4.4 out of 5 star rating based on 1 review posted on this page.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In November, 2023

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Kolbe Windows Prices

Homeowners should expect to pay $1050 to $1850 per window fully installed. The Kolbe lineup includes high end fiberglass series, as well as wood-clad, which can run $1850 fully installed. There are so many factors that affect window replacement costs, including the oveall size of the opening, the model or series you select, upgrades, and the install requirements of your project. Similarly priced options include Pella Impervia windows cost and Milgard Ultra series. Both of these are fiber glass wndows.

-- Window Itself: $900 to $1500 --

-- Installation: $150 to $350 per opening --

-- Fully Installed: $1050 to $1850 --

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Kolbe And Kolbe Windows Lawsuit

Back in 2017, seven homeowners filed a lawsuit alleging defective windows. The wood windows in question were more or less leaky and rotted after their purchase in 2005. The case fell apart for legal reasons, which I read but they are above my pay grade, but no doubt the company sold these "bad" or defective windows to customers. Most window companies that make wood windows have been sued by unhappy customers.

Without proper care of wood windows, they will rot over time. Very likely, this was a case of bad windows and poor maintenance, which resulted in a lifespan of 12 years, which is unacceptable. Note: wood is an organic material must be properly taken care of in order for it to last longer than 20 years.