Best Wood Clad Replacement Windows

Check out our selections for the best wood windows from many of the most popular manufacturers and window makers. These are typically very expensive windows that require some maintenance over the years, but they are hands down the best looking frame material available.

Andersen 400 Series

The 400 Series is Andersen's most popular and best reviewed product line. Similar to the 200 series, the 400 wood window uses real wood on the interior and a vinyl cladding on the interior. Also similarly to the 200, the 400 has two model options to choose from. The Tilt-Wash has a PPG Flexicron finish across the sash and offers a superior sill design than its 200 counterpart. The Woodwright model offers a superior fibrex sill finish to the Tilt Wash and is the preferred model of the two. In general, the 400 offers better craftmanship and more options in terms of size, features and hardware. Many contractors would point to the 400 series as the best consumer value in the Andersen window family of products. Comparable to Eagle, which owned by Andersen.

Cost Of The 400 Series