Loewen Cyprium Windows Reviews

The Loewen Cyprium Collection is an ultra premium copper and bronze clad wood window that is both stunning in its beauty and its price tag. As the company notes, these windows are artisanal in their thick metal cladding, soldered exterior joints, recessed mullions, and deep distinctive profiles.

The Cyprium Collection comes in a number of very distinctive exterior color options, including a Natura, Umbra, Verdigris, and Aduro (all four of these color options is available in either a copper or bronze metal). Over time, these metals interact with the air and elements to take on a look all their own, with distinctive patinas that define the overall exterior of the home.

The interior of the Cyprium Collection is much the same as the standard Loewen window, with a whole host of options and customization possibilities, including various metal hardware options such as oil rubbed bronze, antique brass, brushed chrome and bright brass. The company offers a Mahogany or Coastal Douglas Fir, both wood species extremely tough and resilient with a warm and rich texture. Each wood window interior is treated with a wood preservative and sealant to increase the life span of the window.

The Cyprium Collection is meant for a discerning sort of homeowner who sees their home as almost a work of art. The look of the window changes over time as the metal changes. It is out of the price range of most consumers, but it is fun to imagine having the sort of disposable income required for these works of art!
The Loewen Cyprium Window Series gets a 4.8 out of 5 star rating.

Review By Jim R. - Site Editor - Updated In 2023

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Loewen Cyprium Prices

Consumers can expect the standard Loewen windows to run $120 to $130 per square foot for the window itself. Comparable windows include the Andersen Architectural Series.

-- Window Itself: $120 to $130 per square foot --

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Loewen Cyprium Ratings

Consumers can expect the Loewen Cyprium Collection windows with the standard glass package to deliver a .35 U Factor, .23 SHGC, .31 VT.

Upgrading to a better glass package will improve these numbers slightly - .33 U Factor, .24 SHGC, .31 VT. These performance numbers are considered good for a wood window, although many consumers are surprised to learn that they can't come anywhere close to the performance out of a high end vinyl window.

Loewen Cyprium Warranty

The Loewen Cyprium warranty is not different than the standard warranty, including a 20 year protection against manufacturing defects on the mainframe, sash, insulated glass units and exterior paint finishes. There is a 10 year warranty period on non-tempered glass that covers stress cracks, as well as a 10 year period on laminated glass and all components and hardware on the window.

The Loewen warranty also includes a number of limitations and exclusions that consumers need to be aware of prior to their purchase.

Loewen Cyprium Reviews

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