Are Jeld Wen Windows Junk?

Are Jeld Wen Windows Junk? Let's break down the truthfulness of this often asked question. First off, Jeld Wen is a well-known window and door company that has been around since 1960. They began in Klamath Falls, Oregon and employ over 22K people across the United States. Their lower end vinyl windows are available in many of the big box stores such as Home Depot. While their doors have always been high-quality, their vinyl windows (the V2500 series and their V4500 series) are not what I would call high quality. In fact, of all the offerings at Home Depot, Jeld Wen is on the lower end.

To answer your question of are Jeld Wen windows junk, I would say that their vinyl windows should be considered builder grade. This industry term refers to a relatively inexpensive vinyl window that is sold to big builders who are looking to put in cost saving windows on larger commercial and residential projects. This is not typically a good recipe for long-term value from the consumers perspective.

It is, however, the way many builders approach projects in which they’re trying to cut costs. The result is often that after 10 to 12 years these windows will begin to have problems that will result in the homeowners having to replace many if not all of the windows by year 20. Unfortunately, this can be a big expense for those consumers, after a place all of their windows, after such a short time.

Most Jeld Wen vinyl windows come with a limited lifetime warranty. However, by year 12 these prorated warranties won’t cover many of the issues that consumers are experiencing. So yes, I would say the Jeld Wen V2500 series is a rather low quality option. in order to maximize return on investment, most consumers would be better served by investing in a higher quality final window that will last 35 to 40 years.

For a list of recommended vinyl window series, please send us an email and we are happy to send out our recommended list. We are also happy to look at any bids you receive and give you free advice as to what is your best option based on your budget and your timeline in your current home. We can also give you options in terms of better series that are available in the big box stores, such as Home Depot.

Article By John M. - Site Editor - Updated In December, 2023

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