Zen Nirvana Windows Reviews

The Zen Nirvana window is the company's mid range vinyl window. Zen branches are springing up in many of the larger cities across the United States and they sell 3 different models, including the entry level Zen Karma window and the higher end Zen Lotus model.

The Nirvana model is actually the Soft-Lite Classic model, an older model that still gets good praise from many installers and industry experts. Many consumers and installers like the look of the Soft-Lite Classic, which includes several nice upgrades from their entry level Barrington model (Zen Karma) such as an upgraded screen, frame and sash fills, and lifetime glass breakage warranty. Standard features on the Nirvana include a fusion welded frame, vent and Delta locks, a locking screen latch, intercept spacer, and drip cap.

The Nirvana is pretty close to the Zen Lotus, minus a few standard features. Overall, a very nice vinyl window that I would recommend if the price point is right.

Review By Jim R. - Site Editor - 2015

Zen Nirvana Pricing

Consumers can expect the Zen Nirvana to run $----- for the window itself. (We are not allowed to list replacement window costs on this manufacturer, please click the link below to contact us and get general pricing information.) Comparable windows to the Nirvana include the Sunrise windows prices and Okna 400 window costs.

-- Window Itself: $----- per square foot --

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Zen Nirvana Windows Ratings

The Zen Nirvana window double hung should deliver the following performance numbers, .09 air infiltration, .30 U factor, .37 visible transmittance, .29 SHGC and a Design Pressure of 35.

Consumers can upgrade to a better glass package that will improve the numbers to a .07 air infiltration, .25 U factor, .33 visible transmittance, and a .24 SHGC. The performance data comes from the NFRC.org website under the Soft-Lite data on the Classic model.

Zen Nirvana Window Warranty

The Zen Nirvana is identical to the Zen Karma warranty and is a limited lifetime warranty on all vinyl parts and hardware. The company offers a 10 year provision on any foil laminates, interior mini blinds, and PVC coatings. The Nirvana should include a glass breakage provision, although it's unclear whether Zen offers this same provision.

The warranty can be transferred one time and requires both a transfer fee and written notification to the company of the transfer. Make sure to read the warranty in full before you buy the windows to make sure you understand all of the exclusions and limitations that apply.

Zen Nirvana Window Reviews

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Zen Nirvana Window Quote

Hi - I've received a bid for some Zen windows (replacement) and was wondering if they sound reasonable.

For a Lotus triple-pane mulled window with circle top (2 double-hung/one picture each 24x48 pane area), I was quoted 3,095.00.

For a double-hung Nirvana with a 24x48 pane area: 625.00

Awning window Nirvana approx. 30x38 pane area: 795.00

The above includes installation with finished jamb replacement.

The project includes 13 more windows of various shapes and sizes, so I noted the above specific types and sizes to get a feel for proper price.

Also, the above two windows I've listed as "Nirvana" are supposed to be "double-pane Lotus", offered to me to keep the exterior consistent. Is that legit? They also tell me that they're offering me these at the same price as the comparable Nirvana.

Installers seem to have a good reputation. Reasonable?

Moira - Homeowner - July, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Moira, sounds high to me. You need a few more bids to compare this to in order to gauge whether this is indeed high or is a good price. It's just a good idea in general to get three or four bids. You'd be amazed at how much they are going to vary. Where are you located, I can maybe make some recommendations. In general, I recommend Okna, Sunrise, Soft-Lite (same brand as what Zen sells), Polaris, and Vytex.

Editor Jim R. - July, 2018

Zen Nirvana vs. Milgard Tuscany & Simonton Asure

Your site has been so helpful with reviews to narrow things down, but picking windows is proving to be very difficult. Everywhere I look seems to have different opinions on each brand and just when I think I've narrowed it down I read something that makes me start considering one I've eliminated. I'm replacing a patio door, 3 very large slider windows, and 4 small basement windows.

Amerimax comes in cheapest at $5,500, with my choice of Masters or Craftsman with AG3.

The Milgard Tuscany is $6,400, but I think that is for whatever the base level everything is.

The Simonton Asure is $7475 with the "better glass package", but I'm pretty sure I can talk the contractor down a bit on that one if it's the better window.

Zen Nirvana is $7415. I keep reading that it's the Soft-lite classic, but based on what was written in the quote it seems to be the pro. Also, I'm not sure if ZEN will negotiate.

Which of these is the best window overall (in Denver, CO)? Is the Nirvana or Asure 25% better than the Amerimax? If they really are superior I don't mind spending the extra money, but if they are all on par, I'd go with the lowest quote.

Marie - Homeowner - February, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Marie, the Simonton Asure is the company's entry level model and nowhere near what the Soft-Lite Pro or Classic is (I was always under the impression that the Zen Nirvana was the Classic but perhaps it is the Pro -- either way they are very similar windows).

I like the Amerimax Craftsman Portrait windows for $5,500, I would say that window is equivalent to the Milgard Tuscany. This would probably be my pick, although I would try to negotiate with each of them to see how much they will drop the price. Amerimax makes a good vinyl window and patio door.

I would have to say that the Soft-Lite Pro is the better window compared to the Amerimax Craftsman Portrait, but not for that price increase.

Editor John M. - February, 2018

Zen Nirvana Window vs Alside Mezzo Series

Hello, I just got 2 quotes on the Alside Mezzo window and zen window Nirvana (Soft-lite Classic series) for 13 windows, 1 garden window and two patio doors. Of those two brands which do you recommended. Alside came in at $13,600 for everything and Sun - lite at $15,100. I'm in Wisconsin.
Michele- Homeowner - July 5, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Michelle, the Soft-Lite Classic is a good vinyl window. The Alside Mezzo isn't a bad window, but it's not in the same category as the Zen window. I would go with the Zen option if it were me, assuming the company has good reviews in terms of their installation team(s) and overall business practices.

Good luck, let me know how it works so I'll know how the Zen franchise in Wisconsin is a class act or not. Thanks.
Editor Jim R. - July 5, 2016