Sunrise Windows Reviews

The standard Sunrise window uses the same basic frame, sash and overall set up as the Verde, Vanguard and Restorations Series, only without many of the fancy upgrades. The company offers the Sunrise model in more colors, options and glass packages than the Essentials. The regular Sunrise uses an injected foam in the master frame extrusion, but not in the sash extrusion. The hardware, components and locks are less fancy and functional than the upgraded models.

One of the nicest features to this window is the more narrow frame the company uses as compared with other top vinyl window manufacturers. Compared to the Okna casement, for instance, the Sunrise casement is 1/4" less on each side on the exterior. On the interior, it's even more drastic, from the outside of the frame to the inside of the frame is 3/4" difference on each side. The Sunrise, with the wood grain interior, looks very much like wood windows. It's one of the nicest looking vinyl windows on the market.

Consumers can choose from a variety of exterior and interior frame color options (including 6 different interior wood laminate options), as well as some great hardware options (including 3 upgrade metal hardware materials). There are also a number of different glass packages, grids, screens and blind options to choose from as well.

The standard Sunrise window is quite nice and I would say it is at the top of the heap in terms of a good mid range vinyl window. Some consumers might prefer to buy the standard model and then pick and choose those upgrades that are important to you, as opposed to going with the prepackaged Verde or Vanguard Series. The upgraded models are nicer and have better performance numbers, but for the price, the standard Sunrise can't be beat.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - 2015

Sunrise Window Prices

Consumers can expect Sunrise windows costs to run approximately $40 to $50 per square foot for the window itself. Comparably priced windows include the Amerimax Craftsman Portrait and the Champion windows prices.

-- Window Itself: $40 to $50 fully installed --

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Sunrise Windows Ratings

The standard Sunrise window ratings with the LoE180 glass will deliver a 0.28 U-factor, 0.48 SHGC, and a 0.59 VT.

An upgrade to the Heat Mirror HM88 glass package will lower these numbers considerably - U-factor of 0.23, SHGC of 0.23, and a 0.42 VT.

Sunrise Window Warranty

Sunrise Windows includes a limited lifetime warranty on the frame, the sash, the insulated glass unit, and all hardware and components. The warranty includes a 20 year provision on the exterior paint color, as well as a ten year provision on excess fading.

The warranty is fully transferable to a subsequent owner who will need to notify the company in writing and pay the $50 transfer fee. In general, the Sunrise warranty is one of the better vinyl window warranties in the industry.

Sunrise Window Reviews

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Jeld Wen w4500 vs Sunrise Windows

It's fascinating and more than a little daunting to try to be a smart shopper when it comes to windows. I stumbled onto your website, and it has just the kind of information I'm trying to find.

I'll follow up on the Sunrise windows--not a brand I've come across before. Just to make sure I'm comparing things correctly, I was looking up the performance figures for the Jeld-Wen w2500 ( these are the aluminum clad, pine interior, double hung) on the Menards site and found the following:

U-value: 0.29 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: 0.29 Visible Light VT Rating: 0.56 Air Leakage (AL) Rating: 0.1

Also on the Menards site, I found these stats for the Jeld-Wen w4500:

U-value: 0.3 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: 0.47 Visible Light VT Rating: 0.57 Air Leakage (AL) Rating: 0.3

From your site, you list the Sunrise models:

Sunrise Essentials: .30 U-factor, .33 SHGC, .50 VT, .10 AI

Standard Sunrise: .28 U-factor, .48 SHGC, .59 VT., .09 AI

Sunrise Verde: .28 U-factor, .21 SHGC., .05 AI

Sunrise Vanguard: .26 U-factor, .24 SHGC, .44 VT, .03 AI

Sunrise Restorations: .22 U-factor, 0.19 SHGC, .44 VT, .03 AI

If I'm reading these right, it looks like the w2500 stats are closest to the Essentials or Standard Sunrise, though the SHGC on the Jeld-Wen is better than the Standard. I'm having a hard time understanding why the Jeld-Wen w4500 AL rating would be as bad as 0.3, and overall it's worse than the w2500. I'll have to check that elsewhere.

David - Homeowner - October 15, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

David, I'm curious about that w4500 numbers as well. One thing to note, numbers can be pulled using all sorts of glass and spacer options -- so numbers, although a good way to judge a window's performance, can be a bit misleading, depending on where they come from.

Going beyond the numbers, the Sunrise is built better than the Jeld Wen and so 10 years down the road, those numbers will have widened quite a lot based on the strength and construction of the window. Go with the Sunrise Standard or better and you will be getting an excellent window.

Editor Jim R. - October 17, 2016

Sunrise vs. Jeld Wen w2500

I'm planning a 2-story addition of about 700SF that would have 15-20 windows of various sizes, and am just beginning to research window options. Most of the contractors here in MN seem to prefer Marvin windows, but I'd like to find something less expensive with decent performance. I'm inclined toward a clad window with a wood interior. Menards carries the Jeld-Wen W2500, which I see is not one of your favorites.

They currently offer 25 sizes of the W2500 up to 38"x60" for the same price of $230 after rebate. I'm not ready to buy now, but does this seem like a bargain price for a decent window to you? If not, what would you recommend with a better mix of performance for price? Thanks much for your thoughts.

David - Homeowner - August 23, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

David, I'm not the biggest fan of the Jeld Wen w2500, I think the step-up model the Jeld Wen w4500 is a better window for sure. I totally understand that the Marvin feels like it's too expensive -- it's a great window, but it's not cheap.

If I were you, I'd get a bid from Sunrise windows and see how their models compare in terms of price. Their mid range models are going to be more expensive than $230 for sure -- but they make a great window and it should be at a reasonable price point.

Editor Jim R. - August 23, 2016