Reliabilt 3900 Windows Reviews

The Reliabilt 3900 window is one of the more popular replacement vinyl windows sold at the Big Box stores such as Lowes. Reliabilt is actually manufactured by Atrium windows and then relabeled or rebranded a Reliabilt window. This is a fairly common practice for certain window manufacturers and doesn't mean that you are buying a cheap replacement window.

In terms of retail windows that are available to consumers, Reliabilt 3900 windows are pretty solid. The window includes a 3.25" frame depth, double pane glass, several exterior color options (although it is available only in white on the interior), between the glass grids, a half screen, cam lock, double ventilation latches, and a constant force balancing system. Assuming you get good installation, the Reliabilt 3900 double hung window is a middle of the road vinyl window that is not flashy, but will get the job done.

According to Consumer Reports Best Windows, the window retails for $280, probably for a unit that is roughly 28"w x 46"h. The window receives an 82 rating, which puts it in second out of ten vinyl windows reviewed, just behind the winner of the group, the Simonton Profinish window series (the Contractor Model). The last time we checked, Lowes was selling the double pane double hung that measured roughly 32"w x 74"h for $525.

Review By Jim R. - Site Editor - 2015

Reliabilt 3900 Window Prices

Consumers can expect window replacement costs in the $30 to $40 per square foot range. Compare the 3900 Series to Viwinco Cambridge window costs and Monte Verde windows prices.

-- Window Itself: $30 to $40 per square foot --

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Reliabilt 3900 Window Rating

Consumers can expect decent performance numbers out of the double pane, double hung 3900 series - .29 U-factor, .18 SHGC and a DP rating of 60.

The 3900 series should be Energy Star Qualified in all sections of the country, although you should double check this at your local stores before you purchase this window.

Reliabilt 3900 Windows Warranty

The Reliabilt window warranty includes a lifetime provision on all vinyl parts and components, including the mainframe and sash. Insulated glass is warranted not to fail, but is on a prorated schedule, meaning for instance that from years 16 to 25 after purchase date, the buyer pays 25% of the replacement cost (the buyer pays 50% after year 25.)

The 3900 Series includes a lifetime warranty on the insulated glass. The warranty is transferrable one time only, although the new owner will be covered for only 10 years from the date of purchase. There are the usual exclusions and limitations that go along with the Reliabilt warranty.

Reliabilt 3900 Window Reviews

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Reliabilt 3900 Series vs. Pella 250

What is the best between pella 250 series and the reliabit 3900 series? The Pella model is 400.00 dollars cheaper.

Bill - Homeowner - March, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Bill those two windows are probably equal in terms of quality and craftsmanship. Honestly, neither one really tops any of my lists. I'd probably go with the Pella and save the $400.

Editor John M. - March, 2018

Reliabilt 3900 Series vs. Pella 250 Series Take 2

Checking quality and price of Pella 250 series windows against 3900 series Reliabilt at Lowes... Thanks

Irma - Homeowner - February, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Irma, the Pella 250 is the company's lower end or entry level vinyl window, while the Reliabilt 3900 is that company's higher end window. However, I would probably rate the Pella 250 slightly above the Reliabilt 3900. But not by much. Neither of these windows is at the top of my list of vinyl windows.

If you have to get something at one of the big box stores, I would recommend the Andersen 100 composite window or the Simonton VantagePointe 6000 window. I would be wary of using their installers as well and would instead try and find a local window installer who has worked with the brand you are buying.

Editor John M. - February, 2018

Reliabilt 3900 Series vs. HD Simonton 6500

I am planning to replace 12 windows in my home with vinyl replacement windows. I have estimates from Lowes (Reliabilt 3900 @ $7800) and Home Depot (Simonton 6500 @ $7700). The windows seem similar to me. I like the features of the Reliabilt but the Simonton corner welds give it a much cleaner finished look. Which window would you rate higher? I live in Pennsylvania. Thank you in advance for your help.

Mike - Homeowner - September 22, 2017

Website Editor's Answer

Mike, I think most industry experts are going to put the Simonton 6500 over the Reliabilt 3900. Simonton has a better reputation overall than Reliabilt. I have to say that's not the cheapest quote I've ever seen -- certainly I don't know the project details, but I would get a couple of outside quotes to round out the bids you have from the big box stores. I would be interested to see what a quote on the Okna 400 series would be -- a MUCH better window than either of the ones you have here. Okna will certainly have a rep in your area. Check out these brands to see if any local companies sell them in your area -- Sunrise, Soft-Lite, Polaris, HiMark, and Vytex.

Editor Jim R. - September 22, 2017

Reliabilt 3900 Window Quality

In researching replacement vinyl windows for a rental property in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia that is 27 years old and has wooden sash windows currently, Lowes has recommended installing Reliabilt 3201 windows.

CR rates them as 73 Very Good but one non-CR review stated that they are not long lasting whatever that means exactly.

We want windows that are durable for at least the next 25 years, reliable and a reasonable cost. Will this product last or should we more closely evaluate Reliabilt 3900 series or another product that is reasonably priced but more reliable.

Joan - Homeowner - February 20, 2017

Website Editor's Answer

Joan, in general the vinyl windows sold from places like Lower and Home Depot are not very good windows. Reliabilt is one of the better windows that they sell, but is considered a middling at best vinyl window brand. The short answer to your question is if you are going to go with Reliabilt, then buy the double hung 3900 model. If you are going through Lowes, be a pain-in-the-a-- and insist on their best installer or installation team -- there are lots of bad stories out there about poor installation from these places due to how they pay their subcontractors. With good installation, the Reliabilt 3900 windows should hold up for the next 20 to 25 years.

Editor John - February 20, 2017

Reliabilt 3900 vs Okna 500

After many weeks of researching replacement vinyl windows, I've narrowed my choices to the Okna 500 Insul-Tec series, Reliabilit 3500 and 3900 series. We're replacing 19 windows. The Okna and Reliabilt 3900's are only $400 apart. However the 3500's are 3K less.

Mark - January, 2016

Site Editor's Reply

Mark, I would say go with Okna Insultec, it's probably my number one pick for best valued vinyl window out there. Reliabilt windows are the best of the "retail windows" - i.e. windows that consumers can buy off the shelf at HD or Lowes, but I've never heard any contractor claim that Reliabilt is a first tier window manufacturer (Reliabilt doesn't even make their own windows, they are simply relabeled Atrium windows.)

Unless the $3K is just too good to pass up, I'd say the Okna is the clear winner.

Jim R. - January, 2016