ProVia Endure Windows Reviews

The ProVia Endure window their premium vinyl window, and most energy efficient. The Endure uses block and tackle balance, dual balance jamb covers, thermal sill reinforcement, a Super spacer and recessed locks. A very good window -- see the performance data below.

Review By John M. - Site Editor

ProVia Endure Window Costs

Consumers can expect to pay $60 to $70 per sq ft for the ProVia Endure window itself and $50 to $150 for installation per opening. Consumers can compare the ProVia Endure to the Okna 500 window or the and a Sunrise Classic.

-- Window Itself: $60 to $70 per square foot --

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Provia Endure Windows Ratings

The ProVia Endure double hung delivers some nice performance data, including a 0.05 air infiltration, design pressure of 50, U-factor of .28 and shgc of .27. All in all, quite good numbers. The casement delivers a air infiltration numbers of .02, which is even more impressive.

Provia Endure Window Warranty

The ProVia Endure window warranty includes a lifetime provision on workmanship and materials of the vinyl frame to the original owner. This lifetime warranty also applies to all of the hardware on the windows, the insulated glass units, glass breakage (from manufacturing defects), and the exterior screens.

The warranty is transferrable to 1 subsequent owner and requires them to register the warranty transfer and also requires them to pay a one time $50 fee. There are a number of limitations and exclusions that apply so we urge consumers to read the ProVia window warranty in its entirety prior to purchasing.

ProVia Endure Windows Reviews

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ProVia Endure vs. Ideal Majestic Energy Green

I am trying to decide between two quotes I received. One was for ProVia Endure installed at $541 per window. The other was for Ideal Majestic Energy Green installed for $465 per window. Would you be able to advise as to the superior window? Thank you for your time and have a great day.

Mike- Homeowner - June, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Mike, both the ProVia Endure and Ideal Majestic are good windows. I would say that the Ideal Majestic is even a bit better than the Endure, with an air infiltration of .02. Frankly, the prices you are quoted out at are both very good. the Ideal Majestic window cost is downright amazing. That's what I would go with myself.

Editor John M. - June, 2018