Ideal Platinum 3000 Windows Reviews

The Ideal Platinum 3000 window is the company's premium vinyl window that is available as a double hung, slider, awning, casement, picture, hoppe, bay or bow window style. The Platinum 3000 uses a fully fusion welded frame and sash, 7/8'' double strength insulated glass, Duralite warm edge spacer, a reinforced sash rail, foam filled sash and frame rails, foam wrap on the jambs, an ultra view half screen, a tilt and lock mechanism, dual tech lock, as well as low E and argon fills on the standard glass.

The Platinum 3000 delivers some impressive performance numbers, although it's unclear how some of the numbers such as the U-factor are arrived at. For now, I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that the Ideal Patinum window is a very solid vinyl window for the price point.

Review By John M. - Site Editor - 2016

Ideal Platinum 3000 Prices

Consumers should expect Ideal Platinum 3000 window pricing to run $44 to $55 per square foot for the window itself. Similarly priced windows include Okna 400 costs and Sunrise windows prices.

-- Window Itself: $45 to $55 per square foot --

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Ideal Platinum 3000 Ratings

In terms of ratings, the Ideal Platinum 3000 gets a .22 U-factor (although we believe that this is from the center of the glass so this number might not be as impressive as the .22). It gets a .02 air filtration, which is very impressive (although again the website is a bit unclear whether this is with the double pane or triple pane option.)

The Ideal Platinum 3000 delivers an R5, .39 visible transmittance, .18 solar heat gain coefficient, and a Design Pressure of 50. All in all, pretty impressive numbers although again I'd like to get some clarity on the AI and U-factor before I whole heartedly endorse this vinyl window.

Ideal Platinum 3000 Warranty

The Ideal Platinum 3000 window comes with a lifetime warranty on the basic vinyl, the insulated glass unit and all moving parts and components. It includes a warranty on seal failure, as well as a no fault glass breakage. The Ideal window warranty is transferrable to a subsequent owner for $50 and the company must be notified in writing within 30 days. The new warranty covers the new owner for 10 years from the date of purchase.

Ideal Platinum 3000 Reviews

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Ideal Platinum 3000 vs. Revere Berkshire Elite

Could you compare the Ideal Platinum 3000 with the Revere Berkshire Elite? Thank you!

Deb - Homeowner - July, 2018

Website Editor's Answer

Deb, the Ideal Platinum 3000 is a good vinyl window, whereas the Revere Berkshire Elite is a mid range vinyl window. The Ideal Platinum 3000 has a .02 air infiltration, which is excellent.

Editor Jim R. - July, 2018