Alside Ultramaxx Windows Reviews

Explore Alside Ultramaxx windows reviews, costs, ratings, warranty and options on Alside's premium vinyl window. The Ultramaxx gets mixed reviews from installers, mainly because of the capture sill, instead of the true welded sloped sill. However, the Ultramaxx is a sturdier and better built window (i.e. thicker frame) than the Sheffield Series, although these two models are virtually identical. The Ultramaxx is a decent vinyl window if the price quote is competitive.

The Alside Ultramaxx window features the following; a multi-chambered fusion-welded frame and sash, a beveled mainframe on the horizontal sliders and double-hungs, quad 4 weatherstripping, double-strength glass, a PPG Intercept spacer, and a steel reinforced meeting rail. Additional features include drop-in glazing, an interlock on the sash's metting rail for better security, a compression bulb seal, a full capture sill, and triple lift rails.

Consumers can also choose from prairie, craftsman, and colonial grid patterns, as well as custom grid pattern upgrades. The Ultramaxx model is available in a wider selection of interior frame color options than with the Alside Excalibur Series that includes white, cherry, foxwood, dark oak, light oak, maple, soft maple and beige. Consumers can choose exterior frame color options that include white, castle gray, american terra, forest green, english red, desert clay, hudson, khaki and beige and architectural bronze.

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Alside Ultramaxx Windows Prices

Homeowners can expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 to $50 per square foot for the Alside Ultramaxx. Comparatively priced windows include the Pella 350 Series cost and the Vinylmax Hyde Park.

-- Window Itself: $40 to $50 per square foot --

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Alside Ultramaxx Ratings

There are a number of glass options available with the Ultramaxx window that will affect the performance and numbers. With the ClimaTech TG2, consumers can expect the double hung to provide a .23 U-factor and .24 SHGC. With the ClimaTech glass option, consumers can expect the double hung to provide a .30 U-factor and .20 SHGC. The Clear Glass option on a double hung will deliver .45 U-factor and a .54 SHGC.

Alside does not list their windows on the website (as far as we could find) so there is no additional window ratings information available than the double hung.

Alside Ultramaxx Warranty

Alside Ultramaxx windows offer a lifetime limited warranty that protects against material and workmanship defects on the mainframe and sash. It also provides a lifetime warranty on all moving parts, the fiberglass screen and frame, as well as the insulated glass unit. For the first year, Alside will cover the labor costs of replacing or repairing the windows, after that the homeowner is responsible for the cost of the labor. The warranty is transferrable, although the company offers a prorated schedule to subsequent owners as to the percentage cost that they will offer. Exclusions and limiations exist so please read the entire warranty before purchasing the Alside Ultramaxx Series.

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