Vytex Windows Prices

Vytex vinyl windows are definitely not a household name, but the company does offer some nice overall value to consumers. In terms of aesthetics, Vytex windows are nothing remarkable, although their Fortis (mid range model) and Potomac-hp (premium model) offer clean sightlines and quality features. Comparing vinyl windows is difficult, so I like to look at performance numbers, which seems to me to be the most objective way to judge what you are getting (companies can manipulate these so consumers should always be vigilant). Number wise, Vytex windows are impressive; .05 air infiltration on the Fortis, .29 U-value on their Georgetown (economy model), and design pressure or DP55 on their Potomac-hp.

One place where Vytex skimps is with the constant force balance system, which is a less desirable and effective system to the block and tackle that most of the top vinyl window companies offer on their windows. The other disadvantage is going to be availability. Vytex is headquartered in Laurel, Maryland and should be available in the state and in several of the surrounding states as well. Beyond this, the company does not have much in the way of distribution.

However, in terms of overall construction, durability, and performance, I really like this company and their line of products. They also offer garden windows, bay and bow windows. If I were buying Vytex, I would go with the Fortis model, which offers the best overall value, unless the window seller is offering a similar price on the Potomac-hp series (then go for this upgrade). In terms of overall value in the field of vinyl windows, I would place Vytex towards the top. They offer superior numbers and construction to Simonton vinyl windows and should run only 10% to 20% more than this well known manufacturer - in some cases the Vytex will be priced out lower, jump on these deals.

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Vytex Windows Cost

Vytex window costs will typically run $40 to $60 per square foot for their standard replacement and new construction windows - this does not include the cost of installation, which will typically account for 25% to 35% of the overall project cost. This price range is right in the middle of the middle of the pack in terms of vinyl window costs. I would compare Vytex to Polaris window costs and Champion windows prices.

Vytex Georgetown Series - $40 to $50 per square foot

Vytex Fortis Series - $45 to $55 per square foot

Vytex Potomac-hp Series - $50 to $60 per square foot

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Vytex Window Ratings

In terms of ratings, Vytex offers two basic packages, which includes their standard Energy Saver Plus or their upgraded Energy Saver Max. The Energy Saver Plus is a double paned low-e glass with argon fills, where the Energy Saver Max is a triple pane low-e glass with either argon or krypton fills. We list the standard numbers here, but visit the individual window model pages for more performance data.

Georgetown: U-value .29, AI .09, DP45
Fortis: U-value .26, AI .05, DP50
Potomac-hp: U-value .25, AI .05, DP55

Vytex Windows Warranty

The Vytex window warranty is a limited lifetime warranty that covers the mainframe, hardware and all standard components. It does include a glass glass breakage provision, which is a nice feature to have. We were not able to discern whether is is transferrable or not - we will update this page when we get this information.

The warranty does not however cover labor costs to remove any defective window, nor does it cover the replacement labor cost. Overall, the Vytex windows warranty is pretty standard for the industry.

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