Sunrise Windows Prices

Sunrise windows prices range from $40 to $70 per square foot for the window itself. Sunrise manufactures 5 vinyl window models, one of which, the Restorations, is one of the best vinyl windows out there. They don't have huge distribution, nothing like a Simonton Windows or Jeld Wen, so this means there tends to be less competition and slightly higher prices (typically only one distributor in a single area).

Besides the Sunrise Essentials, the Sunrise stadard series and all the upgraded models are some of the nicest looking vinyl windows on the market. They all use the same frame, which is more narrow when compared with other top vinyl windows. For instance, compared to the Okna casement, the Sunrise casement is 1/4" less on each side from the inside. From the outside, it's even more drastic, perhaps 3/4" difference on all side. The Sunrise window with the wood grain interior looks very much like wood windows.

On the plus side, good distributors will typically provide better customer service and be around for longer, which is certainly helpful if you have an issue with the window. As a rule of thumb, Sunrise models have higher VT ratings (the amount of visible light that enters a window) than other comparable manufacturers, which is generally considered a nice feature. This is definitely one of the premier vinyl window companies out there and with the exception of the Essentials Series, all of their models should provide excellent window ratings and long term value - assuming professional installation.

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Sunrise Windows Cost

Sunrise windows prices are towards the high end of the vinyl window cost range. The best value of the Sunrise line is probably going to be the standard series, along with any upgrades that you want that keeps your cost within your budget.

Sunrise Essentials Series - $40 to $50 per square foot

standard Sunrise Series - $50 to $60 per square foot

Sunrise Verde Series - $55 to $65 per square foot

Sunrise Vanguard Series - $55 to $65 per square foot

Sunrise Restorations Series - $60 to $70 per square foot

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Sunrise Window Ratings

Sunrise Windows Ratings will run from decent on the Essentials model to good on the standard sunrise frame to excellent for the Verde, Vanguard and restoration series. The following numbers are for the double hung in a low-e glass and argon fills.

Sunrise Essentials: .30 U-factor, .33 SHGC, .50 VT, .10 AI

Standard Sunrise: .28 U-factor, .48 SHGC, .59 VT., .09 AI

Sunrise Verde: .28 U-factor, .21 SHGC., .05 AI

Sunrise Vanguard: .26 U-factor, .24 SHGC, .44 VT, .03 AI

Sunrise Restorations: .22 U-factor, 0.19 SHGC, .44 VT, .03 AI

Sunrise Windows Warranty

Sunrise offers one of the better vinyl window warranties in the business. It is a Lifetime warranty on the workmanship, materials, insulated glass, components and hardware (10 years on exterior painted colors). The warranty is transferable to a second owner, although the new owner must notify the company in writing and pay a $50 transfer fee.

The warranty does not cover the labor or installation portion of repairs or replacements, which is pretty standard in the industry. All in all, the Sunrise window warranty is very solid, one of the better warranties in the industry.

Sunrise Windows Reviews

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Pella 350 vs Sunrise Patio Doors

Having trouble deciding between the Pella 350 or Sunrise patio doors. Like the look and functionality of the Pella but the Sunrise warranty is much better. Any thoughts?

Jeff - Homeowner - February 20, 2017

Website Editor's Answer

Jeff, the Sunrise patio doors, just as with the vinyl windows, are going to be much better than the Pella 350 patio door. Bella is a good wood clad window manufacturer, but they still can't touch the quality, craftsmanship, or energy efficiency of the top tier vinyl window and patio door manufacturers. I would put Sunrise in the excellent category.

Editor Jim R. - February 20, 2017

Sunrise Window Costs vs Okna 700 Series

I am looking to replace 22 double hunts with casements. I have a quote for $14,225 for Sunrise Restorations and $17,000 for Okna 700. I like the Okna a little better, but is it worth that much more money? Also, I got a quote for $12,000 for the 700, but contractor got poor reviews on Checkbook. I might be able to get the Okna contractor with the $17,000 bid down. How much more should I be willing to pay for the 700? Thanks for your great forum.

Samuel - Homeowner - July 14, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Samuel, I really like the Sunrise Restorations and the Okna 700 casements. I think they're comparable windows, so I have to say that I'd go with the Sunrise option, unless the $2775 is worth it to you. I would avoid going with a contractor who gets bad reviews, you'll pay for it in the long run.

I like the idea of going back to the Okna rep and saying that you really want to go with him, but that the bid you got on the Restorations in $14K, and asking what he can do to get that price more in line with the Sunrise bid. Show him that you are on board with him...if he can work with you a little on the price. You might be surprised what he will do for the job. Even if he can't, you'll feel better for asking!

Response From Editor John M. - July 14, 2016

Sunrise Windows vs Polaris

Good afternoon, Jim and John I am looking for a reliable distributor to purchase and installed a Polaris replacement window unit. I initially found out about this product from the owner of Universal Windows Direct in central NJ. Unfortunately, when he responded to me via email, he was extremely rude and very unprofessional. Also, I don't appreciate be told "it is only money". Sorry if I aired my dirty laundry, since installation is important I need to find a company is reliable. Thank you in advance for taking my question.

Tricia - Homeowner - April 25, 2016

Website Editor's Answer

Tricia, I don't know who the Polaris rep is in your area, besides Universal Windows Direct, but I would suggest you call up Polaris headquarters, tell them you are interested in buying their windows, and see who else services your area. Get a bid from them, I would suggest also trying to see if Okna Windows and Sunrise have reps in your area and getting a free bid from them as well for comparison.

It sounds like you were trying to negotiate price, which I agree with you, it's not only money -- it's your hard earned money! Trying to get the best price on the windows and installation is both tough and necessary, most sales people would rather make more money than less money, it's your job to get them to a lower dollar amount. Good on you for trying!

Response From John M. - April 25, 2016