Champion Windows Prices

Champion windows prices range from $30 to $50 per square foot for the windows themselves, not including the cost of installation. The company is based out of Cincinnati Ohio and manufacturers their own windows and sell them in showrooms across the country - although they are much more heavily concentrated in the mid west and eastern states. While they do make a good vinyl window, it might not be as good as they make it out to be (at least for the price, take a look at our best vinyl windows page to see our recommendations). We've seen a huge array of consumer prices for the exact same window over the years, one person will pay over $30 per square foot per window, while another consumer will get virtually the same window and options for $50 per - this is a huge difference if you are putting 25 windows in a house.

When you buy your windows from Champion, they have their own team of installers who do the work. This is a good thing from the standpoint that the installers thoroughly know a product and understanding the installation requirements. The other plus is that if something goes wrong, you know where to turn - with an independent distributor you occasionally run into the problem that the installer blames the manufacturer and the manufacturer blames the installer. The downside to this system is a higher than normal installation rate that is tough to gage because the cost of the window, options and installation are all wrapped into a single price.

Champion sells only one window line, which they refer to as their best window. This is a plus for the consumer in terms of confusion over product lines and options, which the replacement window industry excels at. Their windows come standard with Cardinal 366 double pane glass, a solid vinyl extrusion, as well as some nice features. On the whole, the window offers good design and construction and is available in a number of styles, including double and single hungs, horizontal gliders, garden windows, fixed frame and bay and bow windows.

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Champion Windows Prices

Consumers can expect Champion window pricing to run $30 - $50 per square foot for the window itself. Comparable windows include the Milgard Tuscany window and the Pella 350 Series.

-- Window Itself: $30 to $50 per square foot --

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Champion Windows Ratings

The Champion 8200 double hung window with the Comfort 365 glass and argon fills will deliver a U-factor of .28, an SHGC of .32, a VT of .55 and condensation resistance of 55. The Champion window with the upgraded triple pane option will lower the U factor to .17, the SHGC to .18, the VT to .30 and the condensation resistance to 70.

The performance numbers we just outlined are actually pretty impressive. However, the .17 air infiltration number is rather higher than we would've liked to see. We would typically like a .10 or lower in the AI ratings category. All in all, I would say that's a Champion window offers a high end mid range vinyl window, so probably at the bottom of the second tier of all vinyl window manufacturers.

Champion Windows Warranty

The Champion window warranty includes limited lifetime coverage on all of the vinyl parts and components. In terms of specifics, the warranty is a bit unclear, at least from their website. According to the site, any repair or replacement (and the cost associated with it) is made at the sole discretion of the company itself. On the face of it, this gives us a bit of pause.

There does appear to be an installation and manufacturing defects provision in the warranty, but again it's not spelled out in any specificity. We will be sure to update the Champion Windows warranty as we receive more comprehensive information.

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